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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

High Expectations

Every year I start the holiday season full of ideas. Decorating ideas, DIY ideas, food ideas, gift ideas etc etc. And every year I disappoint myself and do none of them.

This year, especially with the introduction of Pinterest to my life (feel free to follow me: Nakiya Schurman), I found myself overwhelmed with projects. So I bought pre-made cards (THE HORROR!) instead of making these:

(Idea from here)

And instead of making new decorations, like this gorgeous wreath below, I decided to stick with the decorations I already owned.

(From here)

However, I DID keep my idea of making homemade edible gifts on my list. Specifically: marshmallows. A comment on my Facebook page stirred this interest within me, and then a recent conversation with a friend solidified it. I am going to make marshmallows.

(Found here)

As well as marshmallows, I am thinking about making some Chai Tea Mix, some Bark, and some yummy cookies as well.

I'll let you know what I end up making (and hopefully I won't end up saying "nothing!")

What about you? Any homemade gifts, edible or non-edible, to make soon?
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