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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Razorback's Raw Bar & Grill, Towson PART II

We came here with some friends, and I was excited to get a burger again. However, for the sake of this website I decided to try something different! See what I do for you! For starters we got the "Baltimore Sushi" for about $9 which was crab and shrimp wrapped in a tortilla with some cheese. I mean, I understand that it was sort of rolled up as it was served to us....but sushi? I don't think so. But anyway, besides the name, this was a YUM start to the meal. The shrimp pieces were huge and all the flavors worked so well together. I really enjoyed this appetizer, more so than the shrimp I tried before.

But my main dinner was AMAZING. I had the Honey Bourbon ribs, half a rack for $9.99 (a special on Mondays). Oh wow were these ribs good. The half rack portion was perfect for me as well, and I'm glad I didn't get the full size since I couldn't even finish most of my fries that came with my meal. The sauce was sweet, but not overly so. The meat was perfectly cooked and easily fell off the bone. I really couldn't have been happier with the ribs.

What a wonderful second time back to Razorback's-- this place should definitely get more notice.

Razorback's Raw Bar & Grill
826 Dulaney Valley Rd.
Towson, MD 21204

Padonia Station, Timonium

I'm not going to lie, I've never been a huge fan of Padonia Station. I don't really know why, but it's never my first place when I think of restaurants in my area. In fact, I usually never even mention it. I think it's because, once again, I confuse my hatred for the restaurant when it's really directed towards the bar. I hate the bar- but don't ask me why because I don't know. So when my hubby wanted to go to Padonia Station for dinner with some friends, I immediately groaned and muttered a less-than-emphatic "ok."

So we went, and I was VERY happy to see they offer bison burgers on their menu, and they will switch out anyburger with bison for an extra $3. However, this isn't necessary to do because they already have bison burger choices for less than $9 anyway. I chose the Texas bison burger for $8.95 which came with pepperjack cheese and chili on top! Delicious! It was seriously yummy! The fries were excellent too, as fries so often are. But overall, I was happily surprised with the quality of my bison burger and was also happily proud that they were serving local bison as well. Perhaps I need to re-evaluate this place after all! Of course I would probably stick to getting bar type food, and not anything fancy from this place. However, I must add that the BBQ wings were good and my friend said the ribs were fantastic.

63 E. Padonia Road
Cockeysville, MD 21093

Padonia Station on Urbanspoon

Baltimore Coffee and Tea Company, Timonium

OK, you're going to have to give me a second to catch my breath here. I CANNOT believe I haven't posted on this place. This is my hands down favorite coffee establishment! This is where I buy my coffee (my favorite is their Fair Trade Mexican) and my tea (my favorite is Yorkshire Tea Gold). Their coffee bean and tea selection is fabulous and overwhelming all at the same time. They also have flavored coffees for those wanting to start slowly into the world of Coffee Love.

On top of being my tea and coffee supplier, this is also the shop I like to go to in my area when I want a nice cup of mocha. Their prices are MUCH cheaper than your big coffee shop chain, and they also serve gelato, pastries and some savory choices (including bagels).

They have free wifi, so get a cup of coffee, an almond pastry and sit at a table and ponder how awesome this place is!

p.s. They have gifts displayed for Christmas!
9 W Aylesbury Rd
Timonium, MD 21093
(410) 561-1080

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ashland Cafe, Cockeysville

I've been here many times before for a quick dinner, although it just recently opened up for dinner- having served breakfast and lunch only for most of their time open. This place is a small neighborhood cafe where cheap and well-made food is what you will always find. The best thing I get is the Bison burger with local bison from Gunpowder Trading Co. in Hereford. The burger is moist and tasty (ask for it medium- bison doesn't have a lot of fat and will dry out at any other temperature) and the fries that accompany it are crisply delicious. Come here for comfort food, a couple rounds of Keno, and fast service.

Ashland Cafe on Urbanspoon

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An Poitin Stil, Timonium

My dad was in town (yay!) and so we were trying to think of a place in the area for dinner that was reasonable and delicious. For some reason, it was really hard for us to think of places in Timonium/Hunt Valley that were reasonable and not chains or crappy! In the end we decided to go to An Poitin Stil, an Irish restaurant and bar that is close to home. I had been there before and I remember really loving it, although I never really think about going there because unfortunately I always just think of it as a bar and not a restaurant.

Well, I’m really glad we went! The restaurant looks cool and is decorated well inside too. We sat in a castle type room which was neat. The brown bread and honey butter that was served before our meal was divine and it was hard reminding myself that my meal was coming! I ordered a house special- corned beef and cabbage (It was about $13.50)! I know this sounds kinda unappetizing, but it was DELICIOUS. The beef was corned brisket beef (I don’t know what the corned bit means) which was incredibly tender and juicy. The cabbage was EXCELLENT. Even people who are iffy on cabbage would love this cabbage. It was just so soft and flavorful, having been braised and then coated with a parsley sauce. There were also potatoes on the side, but I forgot about them and merely wanted my beef and cabbage. Oh yea, and there was A LOT of cabbage. I took a hefty amount for lunch the next day.

Dan tried the Tri Color Cheese Tortellini Shrimp Fra Diablo, which is a fancy way of saying cheese tortellini in a tomato sauce with some shrimp. However, perhaps it says Diablo or “devil” because holy crap that sauce set a FIRE IN MY MOUTH. I couldn’t eat more than one bite it was so hot. Dan enjoyed it though, his tolerance is better than mine. Be aware!

My dad ordered the shepherd’s pie which is soooooo yummmmyyyyy. This is the meal that I had first had when I came here, and it did not disappoint when I tried it for a second time. The beef chunks were tender and the sauce was flavorful. The mashed potatoes or “champ” on top was yummy as well. I really really like this dish, and it’s great that it’s such an accessible dish while being an Irish speciality.

For dessert, I had to try the bread pudding and oh man was I happy! The bread pudding had the most raisins I had ever seen, which makes me so happy! The flavor was very rich and luscious, and the bread they used had to be of good quality. I liked this dessert A LOT and was very happy that I couldn’t finish it all and was able to take half of it to work the next day.

Overall, we loved this place. We liked the really laidback atmosphere and the delicious food. It’s definitely a place we’ll visit again.

An Poitin Stil
2323 York Road
Timonium, MD 21093

An Poitin Stil on Urbanspoon

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Weber's Farm, Parkville

Going to Weber's Farm in the Fall should be a Baltimore tradition.  They have their own apple orchard where you can pick your own apples (now over for the season), and they also have their own shop where they sell produce and baked goods.  One thing that Dan and I love to go there for is their cider apple donuts which they make on the premises.  It's a thin, freshly made donut covered with cinnamon sugar.  It's delicious and such a treat when visiting and walking around the store.  I also like to get apple cider there as well as some local cheese from a dairy farm in Maryland (Keyes Creamery in Havre de Grace).  

Something else to note is that they raise their own turkeys there at the farm, so if you want a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving, consider getting one from Weber's.  Go onto their website to find out more information (they are $2.49/lb).

In general, I just love the feel of going to Weber's.  It's in the middle of a large neighborhood in Parkville and it feels so random, but I like that a community has been built all around it since it's actually celebrating its 100 year anniversary this year!  It's super close to Towson, and for all you city folk-- it may be the closest farm to visit! 

Weber's Farm
2526 Proctor Lane,
Baltimore, MD 21234
Fax 410-665-7844

Bagel Works, Cockeysville

Bagel Works is one of those places that everyone in the immediate area knows about.  You come in and seat yourself for a cheap breakfast or lunch.  They make their bagels themselves and they are always fresh and excellent may I add.  When I go there I usually get an omelette because they also come with homefries and a bagel. Excellent deal for under $7 if you ask me!!!  I've had the Lord Baltimore before which I enjoy- cheese, a choice of meat and homefries are mixed into the omelette.  Get this if you really enjoy homefries!  I also like the meat, egg, cheese, and homefries wrap.  My favorite bagel is the cinnamon raisin and I splurge for the walnut raisin cream cheese, which makes the bagel $2.75, which is pretty hefty for a bagel with cream cheese if you ask me.  Overall, this place is definitely delicious but not something you should drive out of your way for.  I'm sure you can find plenty of places like this all over Baltimore.  But for people in the Timonium/Cockeysville/Hunt Valley area- it's a household name!

Bagel Works
11209 York Rd
Cockeysville, MD 21030
Also a location in Towson
(410) 785-0811

Bagel Works of Hunt Valley on Urbanspoon

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Coffeeland, Baltimore City

Oh early morning meetings, how I hate you. However, they give me an excuse to treat myself to a delicious coffee! I had a little extra time this morning so I went further up Charles Street to Coffeeland, opposite the Tremont Hotel. I walked in and really wanted to walk right out because there was no ambience WHATSOEVER. And granted, I was going to get my mocha to go...but I still wanted that coffee-shop feel. It's not here. It's dingy and kinda messy. There are no red walls adorned with fancy artwork here. It's just about the coffee and the food. I ordered a medium mocha, and to my luck they give free flavor shots on Wednesdays! My mocha ended up being $3.02 for 16oz, which is a steal for this area. They also have an array of breakfast sandwiches and toppings, as well as pastries that were extremely reasonable. The mocha itself was great! The coffee isn't strong at all, and perhaps it's a liiiiitle too sweet. But I still like it.
Overall, I'm not sure how many times I will make the trek to this place but it's nice to know there's a really reasonable place in this area for a good coffee and a breakfast sandwich (although it is open for lunch as well).

222 N Charles St
Baltimore, MD 21201

Coffeeland on Urbanspoon

Friday, November 7, 2008

Juice Me Up, Federal HIll

Because today was such an unusually warm November day, I decided to take advantage of it (and try and burn off the Hershey kisses I consumed this morning) and go for a walk. I usually walk east and north of Pratt Street, so I decided to head towards Federal Hill, besides, I was in the mood for a smoothie.  It took me ten minutes to get to Federal Hill!  I was so amazed and annoyed at myself because I had never thought of walking down here.  Now this opens up so many possibilities for my Friday lunch out of the office!
I headed for Cross Street Market and went to Juice Me Up, a place that serves a variety of blended juice smoothies.  Usually I love the yogurt-y smoothies, but I was going for healthy today.  I ordered a 16oz Dango Mango for $4.  It was mango, orange, organic pineapple and banana mixed with ice.  This was a deliciously refreshing juice.  The banana made it really think without making it taste banana-y.  The flavor was definitely an orange mango juice.  I thought that the 16oz, which is the smallest size, was the perfect way to go.  Anything more and I probably would have had a stomach ache.  Overall, I was really happy with my choice, and it has opened me up to the possibility of trying more juice smoothies rather than yogurt smoothies.  I would definitely try this again, although I would probably make my way back again on another warm day.

Juice Me Up on Urbanspoon

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Before treating yourself to a sweet treat,

how about casting a delicious vote

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Java Joe's Round Deux, Baltimore City

Remember I had a terrible smoothie from Java Joe's? Well, I decided I would give it another try because they had the most delicious sounding sandwiches. Also, it's relatively new and I like to help out places that have to compete with Starbuck's and Cosi's that surround them.

So, I tried their Mocha latte and was very happy! Usually, you can't go wrong with mocha lattes (although...see Sweet Lela's Market Cafe), but I still really enjoyed this latte. I think the coffee itself isn't as strong as Cosi's so it's more soothing and comforting than it is a jarring wake-up experience. It's $3.30 for a small and $4.48 for a medium which I think is a HUGE difference in price but not enough difference in size to make the medium worth it. I definitely think that whenever I decide to treat myself to lattes (i know it sounds like it is everyday, but it really isn't), I may walk a little further and go to Java Joe's instead of Cosi's.

Or perhaps I will just go there to try more of their sandwiches because I was delighted with the "Thames" which is tuna salad with dill, muenster, tomato and lettuce on sunflower bread. The bread is delicious and hearty. This is such a yummy sandwich, and it made me really excited to try more of their selection (which is quite large if you look at their menu on their website). The tuna salad was made perfectly and I got quite a serving too! I thought it went really well with the creamy muenster cheese. Overall, I was super happy with my choice! I will definitely go back again for lunch.

Java Joe's
8 E Baltimore St
Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 727-6647

Sweet Lela's Market Cafe, Towson

I've been excited about this place ever since my dad and I stopped by before it first opened. The name seemed promising with "sweet" in the title. I had images of pastries and chocolates dancing around in magical harmony. Finally I decided to go here to get a cup of coffee. I had high expectations because this place is Italian and I had some delicious coffee when I was in Italy (including my first ever espresso!). I asked for a "Moka" as it said on the menu and it was about $4.40 for 16oz which is insanely expensive now that I think about it. It's amazing how much I can spend on coffee and not even flinch. Anyway, the coffee was a HUGE disappointment. I am pretty sure I got the milkiest latte that has ever been made, with the most foam that has ever been scooped on top. It took me about 6 big slurps to even get to the coffee. And when I did get to the "coffee" it was actually steamed milk. Where the crap was the mocha taste? It was nowhere. You can be sure that I'll never get a coffee from this place again. What a disappointment. An expensive disappointment.

Sweet Lela's Market Cafe
3 W Allegheny Ave
Towson, MD21204
(410) 821-5352

Sweet Lela's Market Cafe on Urbanspoon
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