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Saturday, December 18, 2010

BIC Food Enthusiast Classes - Last Minute Gift!

Still looking for a gift?  How about a gift certificate towards a Cooking Class!!!

Remember I told you about Baltimore International College's new Food Enthusiast cooking classes?  Well, they have their Spring Catalog up for all those interested in some more fabulous sessions!

Some awesome classes to consider:

Cooking Classes
  • Valentine's Day Dinner for Two/Aphrodisiac Foods $80
    • Ooh la la!  Get one for you AND your sweetie to make a fun date!
  • Prepare Greek Favorites $80
    • Learn to prepare foods such as Souvlakia!!!! baklava!!!!! cheese pie triangles!!!!!!!!
  • Easter Brunch/Easter Baskets $60
    • Prepare treats to fill your Easter basket, and also learn a great meal for your Easter brunch!

Cooking Demonstrations
  • Cheese Tasting $60
    • You try cheese AND drink wine.  YES. PLEASE.  IMMEDIATELY.
  • Food and Beer Pairing $60
    • Same a variety of food and beer combos!  Nice!!


All classes are located at:
Culinary Arts Center
210 S. Central Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21202
Most classes are $60, but some are $80.  Check the Course Catalog.
Register Online:
Click the Catalog tab and browse through until you find a class you would like.
Select the class and click "Purchase".
If you are finished shopping, proceed to "Checkout".
Enter your contact information and continue to the next step.
Finally, enter your payment information.

Register by Mail or Fax:
Download the PDF of the Food Enthusiast Classes.
Download the Registration Form.
Choose the class or classes you would like to take.
Fill out the registration form and either mail it to:
Baltimore International College, Department of Continuing Education
17 Commerce Street
Baltimore, MD 21202-3230

OR Fax it to:

Friday, December 17, 2010


Here are a couple of Baltimore County food deals that I've seen on Chewpons - a new coupon website in town.  I haven't been to either place, have you?

  • $8 for $16 at Lil' Tony's in Cockeysville
    • Lil Tony's
      10540 York Road, Ste 104-105, Cockeysville, MD 21030
    • Their menu is surprisingly large - wow!  All sorts of Italian food listed.
    • This is a BYOB restaurant with no corking fee
    • Fine details: Limit 1 per visit and 6pp for purchase


All I want to do
Is sit and watch the snow fall
With some hot cocoa

I mean, seriously, does anyone want to do anything else?

This year I decided that I wanted to learn how to make the best hot chocolate at home.  Last year, my quest was to find which restaurant/cafe made the best hot chocolate (see here), but anytime it snowed I stayed inside my house, which was a bit problematic for my quest.

 I decided to first try the recipe on the box of my Hershey's cocoa powder, and I really like it, though I did tweak it a bit for my taste.  My ideal hot chocolate is made with milk and isn't too sweet. 
Hershey's Hot Cocoa
Adapted from here
1 tbl sugar
2 tbl of cocoa powder
dash salt
1 cup milk
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
mini marshmallows (optional)

Add cocoa powder, salt and sugar to your mug.  In another container, heat milk in the microwave (I do it for about 2 mins).  Add a little bit of the hot milk to your cocoa concoction to form a smooth liquid and get out all the lumps, then add the rest of the milk and give it a good stir.  Add the vanilla extract.  At this point, if you have a milk frother, these are fun to use for some added creaminess/foaminess!  Add a handful of mini marshmallows on top and start sipping away!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Clementine Cake = Fail

I love baking.  I love the way the house smells when something's in the oven.  I love mixing the bowl.  I love using my spatula (I LOOOOVE spatulas!).  

I hate when things I bake and spend SO much time on = bitter and GROSS and inedible!

And that's what happened with Nigella Lawson's (Gluten-free) Clementine Cake.  I had sooo many clementines left over, so I was excited to use them all.  Literally.  The entire clementine goes into the cake, pith and all.  Unfortunately, the clementines I used were overripe to say the leaset and so my cake turned out extremely bitter.  It just goes to show, you get what you put into something.

Oh well, perhaps I'll make it another time with better clementines.

Has anyone ever made this cake?  It seems to be pretty popular on the blogosphere.  Do you have any awful baking FAIL stories?  Please make me feel better! :)

Image by Kasey Albano

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Groupon: $15 for $30 at Cazbar

I had to grab the Groupon for Cazbar so that I could re-live the deliciousness of the gyro and fries all over again.  Soooooooooooo good!

Fine details: Expires June 15, 2011.  Limit 3 coupons per person.  Limit 1 per table. Dine-in only.

Get cozy with a discounted coffee!

It is BRUTALLY cold outside!

Warm yourself up with any medium hot drink for just $2 at Caribou CoffeeGo here for the coupon and either print it out or show it on your mobile phone.  You can also use the coupon to get a large drink for $3.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Morning Haiku

It's been a while, folks
Sorry I've been so quiet
I've been relaxing!

Goodmorning, all!
Well, I've had a great couple of weeks - I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and then Dan and I jetted off to San Diego for a wonderful vacation!  The picture above is from Torrey Pines, a gorgeous state reserve park where we hiked around one day (though I cannot take credit for that lovely photo).  

I've missed you all, but I did need some time away for a bit, but now I should be back in action!  Look out for a banana bread and peppermint bark recipe to help you with all your holiday baking!

Hope everyone is well!!!!!!!!!!!
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