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All About Me!

Hello everyone!

Here are some things you might want to know about me before we begin our blog relationship:

  • My name is Nakiya and I am a 30-something living in the Baltimore area.  
  • I love writing about food - it's some pretty delicious stuff!
  • I do NOT work in the food industry, nor do I have any experience in writing whatsoever, so please feel free to ignore any and all of my grammatical mistakes.
  • I have bi-weekly obsessions, sometimes these are food-related and sometimes they are not.  I hope you can ride the wave with me.
  • I like to write Friday Morning Haikus.  I am a TERRIBLE poet - please don't judge me.
  • I am married to my handsome hubby, Dan, and he often makes an appearance in my posts.  He is the one that pretty much loves everything.
  • I'm a pretty bubbly person.  I write in caps a LOT and love to use exclamation marks.  This is how I am in real life. Some may find me exhausting to be around ahahahaha.
  • The pictures on this website are from a bunch of places - my own camera, Dan's camera, and 2 free stock photo sites: and 
  • I really love comments!  From YOU! :)

Wanna email me?  Contact me at tasteofbaltimore [at] gmail [dot] com


Amy said...

I love the new page! Glad to learn more about you... I can tell that we'd get along!

EastCoastMatt said...

Do you ALWAYS take notes while eating out?

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Matthew - I don't actually, but now that I look at my pictures, it does seem that I do. I take notes when I am invited to a restaurant or when I eat a TON of food and want to remember things. Most of the time, I just sit and enjoy myself.

grubarazzi said...

Hi fellow Baltimore food blogger. Just looking to see who is out there with the same obsessions as me. Looking forward to reading your blog :)

Mare said...

Thanks for the "SuperFruit Cooler". Recipe. That drink is awesome. I copied the ingredients from the menu, watched the bartender carefully, and after a VERY expensive trip to the liquor store, started to experiment. Without the amounts, I got very close but not quite. Can't wait to try again!

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