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Friday, September 12, 2008

Cosi, Everywhere USA POST DEUX

I have found a new love. I am sorry Mr. Mocha-Latte-with-Skimmed-Milk-no-whip-and-lots-of-money, you have been replaced by MR. PUMPKIN SPICED LATTE!!!!!!

Oh it's sooooo sweet and soooo perfectly spiced and it reminds me of the Fall, which probably is the biggest draw for me. I just had to let you know that there is a new coffee in my heart. Unfortunately, I know this is temporary. Cosi is sly like that, they get you addicted to all their products and then just take them away each season :O(

But anyway, this is pretty great. It's also stupidly expensive, but that's why you have to save these things as a Monday morning treat and stick to your own tea bags the other weekday mornings :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Austin, Texas

Sorry that it's been so long since I've blogged. Dan and I visited my sister in Austin, Texas for the labor day weekend and so I've slowly been trying to catch up. Again, seeing as though this is a BALTIMORE blog-- I'm not going to take up a lot of time talking about the restaurants BUT I do want to say that Austin is a little jewel in the middle of Texas. It's extremely liberal (a big plus for me) and very active. It's much greener than I thought Texas could ever be-- and hill country is spectacular. I think everyone should definitely check this place out.

Whenever I go to Austin, there are a couple of places I have to go to everytime:
Jo's: This coffee bar has a couple of locations, but the one I usually go to is on South Congress since it's close to all the other places I love! I love their yummy iced coffee, including something called a Belgian Bomber that's made with mocha and condensed milk-- wonderfully refreshing!

Guero's Taco Bar: I love South Congress Avenue-- it's a really chill place to hang out in Austin and check out the more laidback vibe. This restaurant has delicious tacos and margaritas. My personal favorite is their Al Pastor taco.

Amy's Ice Cream:
Their Mexican Vanilla is AMAZING. I can't get enough of this sweet vanilla ice cream that puts all other vanillas to shame. Oh yes, and where else could this be but on South Congress!

The Oasis: This gorgeous restaurant on Lake Travis is a perfect treat for visitors. The view is spectacular- especially at sunset- and their food is delicious as well (not to mention their margaritas!). I tried the fish tacos which I really enjoyed. However, people go there mostly for the view, it's just an added bonus that the food is amazing. Be wary about long waits!

Visit Austin-- you might be happily surprised!!!!

Ding How, Timonium

Ding How, a Chinese restaurant right behind my house, is our neighborhood Chinese take-out restaurant. However, ever since Wegman's came around-- we usually just (shock and horror) get our Chinese food from their Wokery Bar!

Saturday night we decided we wanted something fast-- and thought that Ding How would be the best idea. Instead, we ended up waiting for our carry out order for about 35-40 mins. We probably could have sit down and eaten during the time it took us to get our food. That was hugely disappointing, especially because we heard the lady on the phone tell her delivery orders that it was going to take 25 minutes. I guess we should have stayed at home and called them!

We ordered the General Tso's chicken and Sesame Chicken (healthy eating was not on the menu tonight) and unfortunately they were definitely not up to par. The breading around both of these meals were entirely too much. There was just something off about these meals. Overall, I am pretty disappointed because usually Chinese take-out is satisfying regardless of the meal. I think because we waited SO long for the food that we were expecting it to be amazing, and it really didn't meet those standards.

Ding How
12234 Tullamore Rd,
Timonium MD 21093
(410) 628-0888

Lu's Ding How Orchis Garden on Urbanspoon
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