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Restaurant Wishlist

Here are the places that are currently on my wishlist.  Oh, I will get to all of these one day, don't doubt me!!!  Do you have any recommendations for me?  If so - leave them in the comments and tell me what I should get!

  • 13.5% Wine Bar - I love wine.  I love wine flights.  I like wine pairings.  Done.
  • Alchemy on 36th - I am in LOVE with their Brunch menu.  I want to try the sweet potato chicken hash and the Brunch Puff Souffle.  I better go with someone who doesn't mind sharing!
  • Alizee - I don't know much about this place, other than it's fancy, expensive and delicious.
  • Ambassador Dining Room - MMMMMMM fancy Indian food.
  • Annabel Lee Tavern - I've heard about their duck fat fries and I want some, I also love their website!
  • Arcos - Any excuse for a margarita.
  • Big Bad Wolf's House of Barbeque - I love trying new BBQ places!
  • Bread & Circuses Bistro & Bar- I had to admit, I am mostly intrigued about this place because of the name. It doesn't take much to get me interested hahahaha!
  • Cafe Troia - I always pass by this place and think "one day....."
  • Chameleon Cafe - I've heard nothing but good things about this place.  I love that they are committed to local foods as well!
  • Choyhana Silk Road Bistro - I've never had any food from Uzbekistan!  I am totally intrigued, plus the prices are phenomenal!
  • Cinghiale - I actually hear mixed reports on this place, but I still want to try it one day.  I would probably get the 3 Course Italian Supper Menu for $29.
  • Corks - I want to go there get their 2 Course Market Fresh Brunch - fresh from the Farmer's Market!!!
  • Corner BYOB - I would like to try some Belgian entrees!
  • Cow - I love ice cream!
  • Crush - Demi intrigued and delighted me, so I can only imagine what Crush would do!
  • Desert Cafe - I love kebabs and want to try them everywhere!  They also have a couple of different chicken salads (not really desert-y....) that sounds yummy!
  • The Dizz - In all honesty, I don't know anything about this place other than that people seem to talk about it a lot.
  • Dominion Ice Cream - I want to try sweet potato ice cream and sweet corn ice cream!!
  • Ethel & Ramone's - They claim their gumbo is the best in Baltimore - I want to find out!
  • Gypsy's Tea Room - It's a tea room. Enough said.
  • Hamilton Tavern - I've heard great things about their burger.
  • The Haute Dog Carte - I love hot dogs!
  • Iron Bridge Wine Company - I'd LOVE to try the Braised Lamb Shank entree!  Brussels Sprouts Gratin?  Bring it on!!!
  • Jack's Bistro - Any place that is ballsy enough to put Mac and Cheese and Chocolate on their menu is a place I want to go!
  • Kali's Court - Every time I go to Fells Point I peer through the windows and get jealous.  This place is GORGEOUS.  The food is supposed to be outstanding too :)
  • Kali's Mezze - I've always wanted to go here for Restaurant Week.  One day!
  • Linwood's - The Single Crab Cake with Corn Pudding and Fried Tomatoes sounds AWESOME
  • Louisiana - Their menu sounds downright amazing!  I want the Scallops with Potato and Lobster Hash and Roasted Corn and Clam Chowder.  In fact, I want that immediately.
  • Mama Rosa Rotisserie Grille - A Filipino restaurant!  I've never tried Filipino food, and I've heard this is a good place to try. 
  • Marie Louise Bistro - This place looks adorable and I LOVE adorable places. They also have Beef Bourguignon!
  • Matthew's Pizza - I still can't believe I've never been here.  
  • Meli Patisserie and Bistro - Everything is made with honey!  What a cool concept!  I MUST go here for dessert.
  • Metropolitan Coffehouse and Wine Bar - I like the concept of the place, and their dinner menu is huge!
  • Mr Rain's Fun House - Not to sound corny, but this place seems like it would be a "fun" place for a meal.  Not sure what I would get though.
  • Peter's Inn - This place sounds intriguing, which is why I want to go.  I like that they have a weekly menu as well.
  • The Point - Haven't heard too much about this place, but their menu looks yummy.
  • Regi's American Bistro - I want to try the side dish of Tater Tots stuffed with melted brie cheese and apple wood bacon.
  • Rocket to VenusThis is one of the most eclectic menus I've ever seen!  I want to try their Banh Mi sandwich!
  • Salt - This restaurant repeatedly gets good press - can't wait to try it sometime.  Also, their desserts look heavenly.
  • Spro Coffee - I want to try the honey macchiato and I want to try it NOW.
  • Taco Love Grill - There are far too few Mexican places in Baltimore, so I need to give this new place a try. 
  • Tea on the Tiber - It's a tea room.  Enough said.
  • Tio Pepe - Another one of those Baltimore staples I need to visit some day. I'd love to get the Paella for two.
  • Wit & Wisdom - The town is in constant chatter about this place! 


Angry Asian said...

i went to the Dizz yesterday for lunch... it was ok. their tuna sliders were good, but i wasn't in love with the place.

i would recommend Mekong Delta. it is the best vietnamese restaurant i've been to in MD. everything on their menu is great and their Pho is better than my mother's.

Anonymous said...

Go to the Ambassador Dining Room during lunch for their awesome lunch buffet. Ask to sit outside in the garden; it's amazing!

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