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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Juana Burrito is Packing Up?

Yesterday, Juana Burrito posted this mysterious status on their Facebook Page:

"Juana's leaving Balto! Thanks so much for all of your support.  If you are interested in starting your own truck email"

There is no other explanation - can anyone fill us in?  I am so sad I never got to try Juana Burrito, my husband was able to and he LOVED their fish tacos.  It seems strange that they are leaving after they've been getting such good press lately.

Let me know if you've heard anything additional.  Thanks!

7/3/10 update:  They've actually started their own Non-Profit to help other Mobile Food Vans:


Thanks for waiting so patiently....

sooo here we goo.....fingers crossed........

My first commenter wins!  Yay Matthew!  (Who also has his own blog - Baseball on Matt's Mind)

MATTHEW - Please email me so that I can send you the gift certificate!!!!!  I hope you enjoy your Ginger Tataki! :)

Thank you everyone for entering!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Groupon: $15 for $30 at Talara

Hey looky looky!  My good friend Talara (yes, I am anthropomorphizing a restaurant - also, WOH that was a long word) has a Groupon today!  It's $15 for $30 for dinner AND drinks.  Seviche!!!!!  Mojitos!!!!  More mojitos!!!!!

OK - so you bought one, right? Oh, you bought two?  Smart thinking.

It expires in a year, it's for dine-in only and you can't use it during happy hour.

P.S.  You can also enter my giveaway which ends TODAY to receive a $50 gift certificate towards them.  Click here !

Friday Morning Haiku

Swimsuits and Sunscreen
Salty Air and Sandy Feet
Welcome back, Summer

Image by Daniel Cubillas

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Falls, Mt Washington

Tuna salad sandwich and a mocha latte


So, I'm kind of obsessed with this place.

I went to The Falls one day for lunch, and I loved it so much I went back the next week.  This NEVER happens to me.  When I told my husband, he was shocked - he knows I don't usually do repeats that soon!  But that's how much I like this place.  The food is good, yes, but I also just love the atmosphere.  It is a cafe in the heart of Mt. Washington, and it's a perfect place for lounging on couches, chatting with friends over lunch/brunch/breakfast and coming for dinner and drinks! 

I've only been there for lunch, but you can BET that I will be going back soon for dinner.

The first time I went for lunch, I unfortunately had a BBQ to go to that evening, so I wanted something small - I chose the $6 tuna salad sandwich which came with pickles and chips.  $6! The tuna salad itself was nothing memorable, but good enough.  The chips were kettle cooked and I really loved them. My friend, however, very smartly chose The Magical Pig ($9) sandwich - Sliced balsamic and garlic Pork on baguette with caramelized onion and creamy goat cheeese, served with fries.  OMG, I took one bite of it and I was SO JEALOUS, it was SO GOOD.  I also ordered a mocha latte - look at how pretty it is!  It was creamy and very chocolatey and a TERRIBLE idea for the hot day that it was.  But I bet it would be wonderful to sit there and sip during the winter.  I almost wished that they had one of those large cafe style mugs that barely fit in your hands - I think that would suit this place well.

Blackened Chicken Club

So the next time I came, I couldn't want to try something new.  My mum and I came on a Saturday around 1pm, and unfortunately did not realize it was Brunch, and therefore the menu was a bit limited (though the pancakes looked divine).  However, the manager was SO gracious and kind and allowed our server to grab us a Lunch menu!  So this time I chose the Blackened Chicken Club ($9) - Toasted white bread with bacon (i substituted turkey bacon), lettuce, tomato, onion and cilantro aioli, served with fries.  YUM.  I loved this sandwich and was so happy I chose this.  The cilantro aioli really made this sandwich because it went so well with the blackened chicken.  I thought the amount of food was perfect too, and I really loved their fries. 

Grilled Portobello Flatbread

My mum chose the Grilled Portobello Mushroom Flatbread ($9) - with Feta cheese, grilled red onion and sauteed vegetables.  This is such a good option for my vegetarian friends!  The portobello was cooked perfectly, and I loved the tang of the feta cheese with the grilled vegetables.  My mum really enjoyed this, and I enjoyed taking bites!

There's just something so comforting about this place, and I bet at night it's super fun as well.  I can't wait to go back. I think next time I'm going to go back for dinner and get the Bison Burger with Fries ($9).  LOVE those prices!!!!

Oh, p.s. they also carry my Wine of The Moment - Ponga Sauvignon Blanc.  For a sauvignon blanc, it's surprisingly fruity and perfect for a hot day. 

The Falls on Urbanspoon

p.s. Don't forget to enter my $50 gift certificate giveaway to Talara!  It ends THIS Friday.  PLEASE leave me a contact email if you enter!  If you're interested click here

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Groupon: $15 for $30 at Brewer's Art

This is going to be a popular one!

Today's Groupon is $15 for $30 at Brewer's Art, and you can use it towards food AND beer/drinks.  Just be aware though, this is ONLY accepted in the Dining Room and it expires in 3 months.  

I've been to Brewer's Art a couple of times for drinks, but I've never had a full dinner there, though I did get to try their famously delicious Rosemary Garlic Fries!!  If I went, I would love to try these items:
  •  Chilled Asparagus Soup ($8) - Served with house-smoked scottish salmon tartare
    • I discovered I loved Asparagus soup when I went to Petit Louis Bistro last year.  I wonder how it would taste with a bit of salmon as well, probably amazing. 
  • Crispy Utz-Crusted Cod ($24) - Baby Clams, Smoky Mountain Bacon, Capers, Green Garlic Mashed Potato, Pepperoncini-Laurel Butter
    • I love fish crusted-anything.  All the accompaniments sound really interesting as well
 Groupon is quite awesome!  I hope more and more restaurants sign up!

p.s. Don't forget to enter my $50 gift certificate giveaway to Talara!  It ends THIS Friday.  PLEASE leave me a contact email if you enter!  If you're interested click here

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Woohoo! I was in B!

Yesterday I was so excited because my blog and photo was featured in an article on "Everyday Foodies" in the B newspaper.  If you weren't able to see it, or didn't get it, check it out here

Friday, June 18, 2010

Talara, Harbor East: Review and GIVEAWAY!

The other night, I was invited to dine at Talara, a Nuevo Latin Bistro in Harbor East.  The meal was spectacular and the restaurant and its food are inventive, vibrant and fun.  I was consistently impressed with how much flavor the dishes had, they really did knock my socks off! :)  Please read on for my review and my AWESOME giveaway at the end!!!!!!

Dan and I both started with mojitos - him with an original and me with a key lime mojito, both of which are on the Happy Hour menu for $5 each (or for approx. $10 on the regular menu).  I am a HUGE fan of mojitos and these did NOT disappoint, especially mine which was made with vanilla rum and a splash of key lime juice.  It was much sweeter, and so unique.  I wouldn't hesitate in ordering this again!  The chips and salsa ($7) came next in the loveliest presentation I've ever seen:

Look at the presentation of their chips and salsa!  They taste as good as they look.

Seriously - how awesome is that?!  They had their regular salsa (great), black bean hummus (which I wanted to jar and take home) and their tropical salsa (with the addition of kiwi!  Love it!) which they served with plantain, tortilla and malanga chips.

Top-Bottom: Asian Tartare with Tuna, Fire and Ice with Crab, Tiradito with Yellowtail

Next up was the seviche, where you pick your seafood of choice and its preparation. There ARE semi-cooked options for those who feel nervous about raw fish. 

We tried these 3 kinds ($21):
1. Asian Tartare with Tuna - Tuna is seasoned with soy sauce, scallions, sesame oil and capers. Served on sushi rice with white truffle oil, wasabi mayonnaise, caviar and fried lotus root.  Excellent!  You will love this if you love sushi!  
2. Fire and Ice with Crab ($1 extra) - Crab + fresh lime + habanero + cilantro + scallions + red onion + prickly pear granita = RIDICULOUSLY DELICIOUS.  Hands down my favorite.  I didn't want this to end.  First of all, look at it, it's gorgeous!  The granita was a vibrant pink!  The flavors were amazing together; I love the kick and slow burn of the pepper with the cooling effects of the granita. 
3. Tiradito with Yellowtail - Peruvian-style Sashimi with lemon juice, cilantro oil, chili and chipotle paste and sea salt. Served with jicama and calabaza slaw.  The fish here is the star, and you can definitely taste its quality.  I loved this because it was so simple and fresh, and tastes great with the crunchy slaw.

I also tried some Happy Hour Tapas, which are on the HH menu for $5!  In the first picture is the Chorizo Wrapped Diver Scallop served with a creamy roasted corn and goat cheese polenta (also available as a mid plate for $18, which would include 3 scallops and a side of spinach).  TRY THIS.  TRY THIS RIGHT NOW.  The chorizo wrapped scallop = awesome. The polenta?  OMG melt-in-your-mouth EPICNESS.  It was soooo creamy and I loved the little pops of roasted corn!!!!!!!!

The Blackened Chicken Tostados (also available as a regular tapas for $8 and you can choose to have either chicken, pulled pork or black beans) were also really great, and I could see a lot of people ordering this for Happy Hour as well. You will love them in all their super crunchy and cheesy glory.  

Oh - and I'm sure you noticed the colorful drinks in the background?  Why yes, I ordered a blood orange margarita which was FABULOUSSSSSSSSS and Dan ordered a Pisco Sour which was very pretty, very unique, very not me :)

We were also given two "mid-plates" to try.  I laughed when I saw that these are referred to as mid-plates.  These are portion sizes we should be eating, people!!!!  We tried the Cinnamon and Chipotle Pork Tenderloin ($15) nestled on a sweet potato and pea croquette, topped with wilted spinach and mushrooms all while floating in a cranberry sherry cream sauce.  Now doesn't that sound marvelous?  It really was.  The chef agreed that it's a very "Fall" dish, and will probably discontinue it soon and bring it back later on in the year.  I agree with him, this dish is wonderfully comforting, but not something that people will really appreciate until the leaves start turning.  I loved the the combination of the fried outside and the sweet and creamy middle of the croquette, especially when dipped a couple of times in the sauce :)

The other dish we tried was the Crabmeat Chili Relleno ($16), basically huge lumps of crab stuffed in a Poblano pepper, tempura fried and then baked with cheese.  Awesome!!!!  There was so much crab!  So much fried goodness!  I loved this dish, and the saffron rice with beans was a great accompaniment.  

Of course, because it's me you're dealing with here, I made room in my tummy for some desserts: a Tres Leches Cake and some Sopapillas with 3 different scoops of ice cream: cafe caramel, mango sorbet and white chocolate with raspberry.  The ice creams, though not made in-house, were creamy and satisfying, and I loved the tang of the mango sorbet.  The sopapillas themselves were fried and coated with honey - eat them plain or with a dollop of ice cream! The Tres Leches Cake was wonderfully moist and melted in your mouth.  I also thought the strawberry syrup was a nice touch. 

PHEW.  I am impressed if you read this much.  I am also crazily impressed with my stomach right now for consuming that much, but I DO IT FOR YOU, I TELL YOU! :)  Seriously though, it was an absolute pleasure to eat at Talara.  Dan and I had an excellent meal and we honestly can't wait to go again!

I must urge you to try the seviche here.  Even if you come for dinner, the seviche was a definite highlight for the both of us.  Of course, if you wanted to try a Baltimore Happy Hour like no other, this is DEFINITELY the place to come as well!! Mon-Fri, 4-7PM and Sat, 10PM-1AM (smart move!!!).  $5 cocktails, including 3 mojitos, sangria, capirinha and more; $4 wine; $3 beer; and $5 tapas.

So on to the GIVEAWAY!!!
I have a $50 gift certificate to Talara up for grabs!!!!!! To enter, Check out Talara's menu and then leave a comment telling me what you can't wait to spend your gift certificate on!!  Good luck!  I am so excited for you!

I am only accepting one comment per person.  Please make sure I have a way to contact you! The giveaway will end next Friday the 25th at 11:59PM and I will RANDOMLY pick the winner that weekend!

Talara on Urbanspoon

DISCLAIMER: Though this was a free tasting, I was not asked to write a positive review and felt no inclination to write anything which did not reflect my true opinion of Talara.  Talara is also generously providing me with the $50 gift certificate for my giveaway.

Friday Morning Haiku - Special Father's Day Edition

Daddy, I love you!
You are the coolest EVER
Happy Father's Day!!!

My dad is hilarious.  He's always up for a good joke and he's just as good at telling them.  He loves watching bad movies, especially if they star Steven Segal or Jean Claude, and then cancels that out by reading voraciously.  He's also incredibly good at his job.  I had the fortune of working with him for two summers, and I felt so proud to be his daughter.  I still am.  

p.s. Baltimore Coffee and Tea is offering Father's a FREE medium drink of choice on Sunday in their  Timonium, Annapolis and Frederick locations.  Visit

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reader Question: How Do You Organize Your Recipes?

The other day I was thinking about all the recipes I have amassed and what a big, giant, stinking MESS they are in. I currently have recipes saved in literally ALL these ways:
- Email folders (unsuccessfully titled "Recipes" and "Desserts" ahahahahahah)
- Word documents
- One Note
- A huge binder which is overflowing
- My cookbooks, only a couple of which are flagged
- On recipe notecards
- Google Reader

A MESS I tell you. 

The worst part of it is, I really don't cook that many new recipes to justify having five million of them lying around haphazardly.

So please help me - how do you organize your recipes???  I need help!  Plus I LOVE organizational projects like these, especially if it means I can go to Office Depot and buy all sorts of color coordinated things (I have a random stationery obsession).

Thanks :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Are you up for a Crab Cake Eating Challenge???????

 (Image taken from Phillips)

How many crab cakes do you think you could consume in 3.5 minutes?  Wanna find out and see if you can win?  There is a Crab Cake Eating Contest on Saturday July 3rd in the Harborplace Amphitheater.  To sign up, visit the official Phillips Seafood Facebook page and leave a wall post about why you’d make a great contestant.  Deadline to enter is June 18th.

The winner will get a crab feast for six at Phillips Harborplace and ALL participants will receive a $30 gift certificate to Phillips!!!!  That’s awesome – remember my review of the place, I loved it!!!

Let me know if you sign up!

I Love Trivia Nights!!!!

Check out this compilation of bar trivia nights from The Baltimore Chop. It's so great!

I LOOOOOOVE trivia nights. I used to go to the one at Hightopps before it got too large and I found feathers in an order of chicken wings. Then I went to the awesome one at Razorback's Bar and Grill until they had to stop it (WHYYYY!?!?!?!?! THAT WAS THE BEST!!!!).  So now I have an itch to go to a new place.  I love going in a big group and playing games and enjoying good food and just the whole camaraderie of it all!

Do you go to a local bar for a trivia night??

Donna's Cafe, University of Maryland Hospital

My mama was able to have lunch with me yesterday and chose Donna’s CafĂ© in the University of Maryland hospital.  Though I had stopped over for a mocha latte before (which ended badly ahaha), I hadn’t eaten lunch there, so I was excited to eat and chat with my mama, of course!

This was such a pleasant lunch!  We were in and out in 45 mins, our server was very friendly, and the food was great!  If you can try and forget that you’re dining in a hospital, it’s actually a really nice place to meet someone for lunch if you’re in the area.

Not surprisingly, I chose the chicken salad sandwich ($7.95) with sundried tomato mayonnaise, which I thought brought an entirely different flavor to my staple, one that I liked A LOT.  The chunks of chicken were hearty, and the sourdough bread was light.  It was all a perfect combination.  One strange thing was that half of my sandwich had a balsamic dressing, presumably from the greens?  Though it didn’t make the sandwich taste bad…it did make the piece of bread incredibly soggy, so it became a bit of a mess.  Also, they aren’t messing around with the amount of chicken salad they give you – prepare to have a lot fall onto your plate J  The accompanying roasted red and sweet potatoes were a nice touch, I especially liked the rosemary red potatoes, which is always a great flavor combo.

Next time I’d like to try the chicken salad SALAD with pistachios, raisin couscous, greens and a raspberry vinaigrette.  That just sounds delightful!

Donna's at Umms on Urbanspoon

Monday, June 14, 2010

Chick-Fil-A's Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Did anyone try the Spicy Chicken Sandwich when local Chick-Fil-A's were offering them for free at various stores?  I never tried one, but apparently they were such a huge hit that C-F-A recently added it permanently to their menu.  The last time they added anything to their menu was in 1989, so this must have been a huge response.  If you tried it, what did you think?

I'm usually not one for Fast Food places, but Chick-Fil-A is the one place I never mind going for a SUPER quick meal.  Their breaded chicken is great, and luckily you can get it in many different styles, oh and loooove their waffle fries.

Groupon: $10 for $25 at Padonia Station

Today's Groupon is for Padonia Station in Cockeysville.  $10 for $25 can go really far at this restaurant/bar and it looks like it can ALSO be used for alcohol.  That's crazy!!!!

I've reviewed Padonia Station here and here.  Crab pretzel!!  Bison burger with chili! 

Dan LOVES this place because of it's variety, so of course he snagged one up as soon as he saw this deal.  Are you going to get it? 

Padonia Station
63 E. Padonia Road
Cockeysville, MD 21093

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Morning Haiku and MAINE TRIP

 Me on South Bubble Mountain after a scary hike

I hiked a mountain
And ate blueberry pancakes
Oh MAN I miss Maine

Seriously, I had some of the best blueberry pancakes of my LIFE out in Bar Harbor.  Also, let's say this again, I CLIMBED A MOUNTAIN!!!!!  I only stopped twice to have a slight panic attack about falling down and dying. 

 Lobster Rolls from Red's Eats, more than a whole lobster on one roll!!!!!

You have GOT to visit Acadia National Park, it's just spectacular.  And Bar Harbor was a paradise for me, because the food was ridiculously good, and the restaurants care about local and sustainable eating!!!!  Oh yea, and of course we ate a ton of lobster (p.s. Thanks Alexander for giving me the tip about Red's Eats in Wiscasset!)

The obligatory Lobster Feast!

If you are planning to go there, shoot me an email and I'll send you some recommendations!  All in all, this was such a fun and fabulous anniversary trip, Dan and I had the best time and can't wait to go back!!!!

Yay Maine!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I feel silly

I tried to go to the new Baltimore County Farmer's Market yesterday, but i didn't know where to go :(  I went to the main entrance of the Fairgrounds, near the flower tent.  Nope, not there.  I went to the side entrance next to the light rail tracks.  Closed. 

How do I get to the Market?????

I was soooooooooooo bummed.  I was planning on buying so many vegetables and strawberries and snacks.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Groupon: $15 for $30 at Red Star Bar & Grill

Today's Groupon is $15 for $30 at Red Star Bar & Grill in Fells Point.  Their prices are so good at this place, that half off is a great deal!!!  The coupon is valid for a year, and you can use it on drinks and at their brunch special.  Now THAT is awesome!

I went there in March and had a delicious bison burger (which at the time was NOT from Gunpowder, but now they are!!!!)  Remember to get their half and half fries - half sweet potato and half garlic fries.  So good! 

Red Star Bar & Grill
906 S Wolfe St.
Baltimore, Maryland 21231

Monday, June 7, 2010


Hey, Dan?

I love you.

Happy 2 Year Anniversary!!! :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Morning Haiku

Dear sweet potato
How are you healthy for me
And yet so yummy?

Right?  Seriously, how is that possible.  

Thursday, June 3, 2010

B&O American Brasserie

I was invited for a tasting of B&O American Brasserie's spring menu, and let me just tell you, it is a delight!  Their menu is so inviting, seriously, take a look.  From the list of their drinks, to the descriptions of the entrees - you know this place is something special, especially when they make their own cola (which is actually clear) and feature drinks with liquid smoke or lychee and ginger root juice!   

Also, this restaurant is just gorgeous!!!!! I immediately pictured power lunches, first dates and low-key happy hours taking place here (talking about happy hours, theirs is 4-7PM daily with $3 Beers, $3 House Wines and $5 Daily Cocktail).

To drink, I tried the Remedy ($10), which features vodka, Chartreuse, orange flower water, ginger syrup and orange juice.  In all honesty, I wasn't the biggest fan of this drink, which is more my fault - I don't like anything OJ + Vodka...and I thought the other flavors would stand out more, but they didn't as much as I needed them to.

We then moved onto appetizers, entrees and desserts.  It was a wonderful tasting and I tried many things, though small bites here and there and in all honesty, there are some items I tried where I do not feel right giving an opinion because I really didn't try enough of it.

So let me tell you my favorites: 

The Green Crunch ($11) - Asparagus, snow peas, green beans, peas, with chipotle goat cheese (there was none on mine), smoked almonds and ginger-chive dressing.  I LOVED this salad.  It was exactly as the title states - nice and crunchy!  It tastes really fresh and spring-like.  I loved the smoked almonds paired with the greens - a great touch.

The Market Flatbread ($9) was SO GOOD -- red bliss potato, smoked ricotta, egg and baby arugula.  I cannot get over how amazing this was. I would easily order this anytime I go here.  I just looooooooved the egg+potato combo. If you wanted a nice cheap dinner - go with this, it would be awesome. YUM.

Ricotta Gnocchi (Half $11, Full $19) - squash blossoms, braised lettuce and arugula pesto.  I love gnocchi, they have a special place in my heart, especially when amazing - and these fall right into place.  They aren't your typical gnocchi since they are made with ricotta and so they avoid that "gummy" texture that some have.  Felt like little heavenly cloudy pillows in my mouth.  Loved this.

Salt Cod Crusted Turbot ($24) - This was probably my favorite entree, the fish was just incredible - lovely and crisp on the outside and wonderful buttery and light on the inside.  Incredible.

Crispy Duck Confit ($23) - Sous Vide Breast, Chorizo and Cassoulet.  I was really excited to try this because this wouldn't be a meal I would usually order, and yet I was very happy with it!  If you like duck, you will love this meal, trust me, and the duck + cassoulet is just a wonderful combination.  The chorizo is a nice touch as well, as an extra.

Tasting dessert was a pleasure at B&O because all of them are made in-house!  I loved the meyer lemon bars with blueberry sorbet.

I also LOVED LOVED LOVED this dulce de leche tart with meringue.  This dessert was closest to me, and I can assure you I did the most damage to this, it was my favorite.  It would be the best to share - really rich and decadent.

There is no set dessert menu, so depending on when you go, you could have a completely different experience!  There is an ice cream maker on the premise, so they also whip up crazy combinations, some that we tried included: avocado (tasted like....avocados), adobo bacon (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not a fan), and caramelized banana (sign me up!)

Overall, this tasting was wonderful and really allowed me to find many items on this menu that I would love to come back for and bring Dan!!!!  I know he would love to try the gnocchi and turbot as well!!!!  I hope this review was helpful for you as well!!!! Let me know if you go there and what you get!

B&O American Brasserie on Urbanspoon

DISCLAIMER: Though this was a free tasting, I was not asked to write a positive review and felt no inclination to write anything which did not reflect my true opinion of B&O American Brasserie.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Street Tacos!!!!

If you are close to Ellicott City's Qdoba, tomorrow they are giving away one order of Mini Street Tacos, with a purchase of a drink, from 5:30-7:30PM.

What are Mini Street Tacos? They are a soft corn tortilla shell filled with either pulled pork or shredded beef and then topped with red onion and cilantro relish.  Currently, four Mini Street Tacos are $5.49 at the 8 Baltimore area restaurants.  Sounds like I need to make my way over to a Qdoba and try these out!!!

Qdoba Mexican Grill
9050 Baltimore National Parkway, Suite 101
Ellicott City, MD 21042

Max's Empanadas at the University Farmer's Market

OMG I am so happily full. 
I ordered a chorizo and a veggie empanada (2 for $5) from Max's Empanadas stand at the University Farmer's Market today and woh  PERFECTION.  They were so good I can't even stand it, and I am angry it took me so long to get them.   

These are definitely NOT for the dieting crowd - the pastry was thick, flaky and buttery, and the empanadas themselves were very oily.  They sit heavily in your tummy too, but the flavor is just spectacular.  The chorizo was slightly sweet, and the veggie was packed with veggies like corn and green beans and a whole load of other stuff.

so good.  seriously.  so good.

Now I can't wait to go to their Brick and Mortar store.

313 South High Street
Baltimore, MD 21202

p.s. I also bought a nice $3 cup of cold-brewed coffee from another seller - it was lovely.  I was so thankful that she had a squeeze bottle full of simple syrup and some cream.  I hope she always has this!  I also hope I start making my very cold-brewed coffee at home!

Pasta Mista, Timonium

Since I was such a huge fan of the Towson location, I was excited to give the new Timonium Pasta Mista a try as well. This location has much more room, so it was nice to have the choice to sit and eat.  I got two slices of pizza, and that was probably a liiiiiiiiiiiiittle too much for me because these slices are HUGE OMG HUGE.  They are so good though!  I gobbled them up.  I decided to try the white veggie pizza and then another white pizza with, I think, caramelized onions...I forget..sorry :(

Either way, my favorite was the white veggie (which I had also ordered at the Towson location and loved).  Next time, if I were to get two pizza slices I would order that and a plain cheese pizza because I didn't like having two slices without any sauce, and their sauce is good too.

Anyway, love this place for a nice quick and cheap meal out.

Pasta Mista on Urbanspoon
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