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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Max's Empanadas at the University Farmer's Market

OMG I am so happily full. 
I ordered a chorizo and a veggie empanada (2 for $5) from Max's Empanadas stand at the University Farmer's Market today and woh  PERFECTION.  They were so good I can't even stand it, and I am angry it took me so long to get them.   

These are definitely NOT for the dieting crowd - the pastry was thick, flaky and buttery, and the empanadas themselves were very oily.  They sit heavily in your tummy too, but the flavor is just spectacular.  The chorizo was slightly sweet, and the veggie was packed with veggies like corn and green beans and a whole load of other stuff.

so good.  seriously.  so good.

Now I can't wait to go to their Brick and Mortar store.

313 South High Street
Baltimore, MD 21202

p.s. I also bought a nice $3 cup of cold-brewed coffee from another seller - it was lovely.  I was so thankful that she had a squeeze bottle full of simple syrup and some cream.  I hope she always has this!  I also hope I start making my very cold-brewed coffee at home!


theminx said...

Max's empanadas are really good!

The market is disappointing otherwise. Where's Stone Mill Bakery? The ice cream place?

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Seriously - when do ALL the vendors show up??????

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