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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reader Question: How Do You Organize Your Recipes?

The other day I was thinking about all the recipes I have amassed and what a big, giant, stinking MESS they are in. I currently have recipes saved in literally ALL these ways:
- Email folders (unsuccessfully titled "Recipes" and "Desserts" ahahahahahah)
- Word documents
- One Note
- A huge binder which is overflowing
- My cookbooks, only a couple of which are flagged
- On recipe notecards
- Google Reader

A MESS I tell you. 

The worst part of it is, I really don't cook that many new recipes to justify having five million of them lying around haphazardly.

So please help me - how do you organize your recipes???  I need help!  Plus I LOVE organizational projects like these, especially if it means I can go to Office Depot and buy all sorts of color coordinated things (I have a random stationery obsession).

Thanks :)


Wendi said...

I go low tech and old school to organize my recipes. I've got two 3-ring binders with tabs. Anything that I've made and like gets printed, put in a sheet protector (I'm a messy cook), and goes in the binders.

Since I don't have room on the counter for a recipe/cookbook holder, I installed some magnet strips on the inside of a cabinet door and use a magnetized chip clip to hold my recipe when cooking.

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Wendi - How specific are your tabs? In my binder I have "seafood entrees, chicken entrees, beef entrees" etc and sometimes I get stuck when I have two meats in one entree :) I think I make things too hard when they don't need to be! :)

Simply Life said...

That is basically my favorite reason of having a blog so that they're all there and organized. I too have a gmail folder titled "recipes" where I email myself about a million links. Then I have an expandable folder with different categories (dessert, side, etc). my new thing is that I ONLY keep recipes I think I'll actually make an keep them in a pile on top the folder. Once I make it, if it's worthy to make again, I file it away. So we plan our recipes each week and I always start by going through that pile (or my email) and trying to pick at least 1 to use! whoo, sorry that was a lot :)

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Simplylife - You are right, having your blog must be a great tool for you! I also like that you differentiate between recipes you've made and ones you haven't. Most of mine are ones I haven't hahahaha :)

Bria said...

mine are ALL over the place! even though I would love a recipe bible, i find that once I make a new dish I very rarely - if ever - go back for the recipe. I just wing it from what I remembered!

Mel said...

I decided to store mine all on - until I realized I had four (one of which was rice krispy treats).

I think Wendi's idea would work well for you - maybe just have an "entree" tab and then alphabetize by dish name with that? also maybe have stickers for "have made" vs. "haven't made". Then once you make them you can just put a new sticker on top?

I can't believe I didn't suggest a google doc :(

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Mel - You are right, I think Wendi's is a great idea. Plus I LOVE paper and enjoy looking through my binder. I love the idea of stickers as well.

Thanks everyone!!!!

H. Kids said...

This is very difficult task to organize the recipes. But as you have listed things so we will do that.

Anonymous said...

you could try "YummySoup!" is a program that you can download and you can drag and drop recipes into it from websites, or type in your recipes and add works great!...

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