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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 13th - Dress Up and Get a Free Meal at Chick-Fil-A!

 On Friday July 13th Chick-fil-A Restaurants Nationwide will be celebrating Cow Appreciation Day by offering FREE meals to customers dressed as COWs.
Customers dressed “ head to hoof '’ as cows will receive a free meal (entree, side and medium drink) for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 
If you're too “chicken” to dress in full cow attire, an entree will be given if you wear a cow hat, scarf, handbag or other unique cow accessory :)
For more info on the event, a photo contest and easy costume ideas go to .

Thursday, July 5, 2012

City Cafe, Mount Vernon

DISCLAIMER:  This post has been sitting in my "to publish" section for WEEKS because I was too lazy to upload pictures :o/


How had I never noticed City Cafe before?  This modern American restaurant is huge, first of all, and it's just a block away from Charles Street in Mt. Vernon.  I mean, it's literally in the thick of things over there.

To start the dinner off on a liquid note I ordered a City 75 ($10) - Hendricks Gin, Prosecco, and fresh lemon juice.  It was crisp and refreshing, though a tad sharp for my taste - I am used to my French 75's having a bit of sugar in them.

Since I ordered a $10 (!) drink, I decided to not splurge and order the $15 Moroccan Lamb Burger - Served on whole wheat flat bread with tzatziki sauce and a tomato, cucumber and feta salad.  The burger was tasty and full of spices, though it was a bit well-done. I especially loved piling on the thick tzatziki sauce with every bite.  I enjoyed the fresh salad as well, it was a very good meal.

My friend ordered the Chilean Sea Bass ($30) - Pan seared with jumbo lump crab, Buerre blanc, whipped potatoes and asparagus.  I had a small bite and I quietly cried inside that I didn't order this instead because it was INCREDIBLE.  The outside of the fish was buttery crisp, but the inside was soft and light and AMAZING.  Oh Chilean Seabass, you are such a tasty fish even if your name is really Patagonian Toothfish and you're on the endangered list :(

At least it's good to know that if you're going to pay $30 for a dish, you will get what you paid for.  The mash was also creamy and served as a good backdrop for the fish, which was the star of the show.

We ended up sharing the Cake and Ice Cream for $8.  The cake was soft and light and it was almost like an overcooked lava cake made from dark chocolate so it wasn't overly sweet.  This was a good basic dessert, and serves it's non-adventurous role well.

Other important things to note:
- The service was incredible!  My friend and I sat and chatted for 3 hours and we never once felt pressured to leave.
- They have complimentary valet parking!! Love!!!
- This would be a great choice for a large group

This was SUCH a great dinner!  The restaurant was an open and large space with a very hip, modern feel to it.  I really loved this place and can't wait to go back!

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