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Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Morning Haiku

July is ending
but can I take another
month of scorching heat?

This summer is really going by fast, isn't it?  I am so happy about that.  I am really not a fan of this heat at all and I just can't wait for it to leave us in peace for a while. Or at least the humidity.  I am done with the humidity.

The sun is definitely a pain where our vegetables are concerned - I feel like our tomato plant is CONSTANTLY thirsty and even if we water it all the time, it still looks like it's on the edge of death.  Our herbs are also never satiated, and they aren't growing as much as I expected them to.  Don't even talk to me about our cilantro....that died before I even knew how to take care of it. 

The one positive: FRUIT, GLORIOUS FRUIT!  But you already know how I feel about that subject.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chaps Pit Beef, NE Baltimore City

Beef and Sausage Combo Sandwich

Do you like meat?  Do you like a lot of meat?

Then get yourself to Chaps Pit Beef.  Yes, the area is a bit sketchy (it's located in the parking lot of a strip joint and across the road from a Porn Store LOL), but as soon as you step into the small building and have your first bite of meat heaven, you probably won't care.  You don't need to take your food to go - there are long picnic style benches inside and also outside seating set up in such a way that you forget exactly where you are. 

All the reviews I read said to order the Pit Beef, but I couldn't help myself and ordered the Beef/Sausage combo ($6.80) instead.  I am glad I did, the sausage was crispy and spicy and really added a little bit of oomph to the pit beef.  In fact, most of my friends (who ended up ordering The Markie: Beef, Turkey and Sausage - $7.55) agreed that the pit beef was actually the weakest link in the sandwiches, though that’s not saying a lot because it was still delicious and flavorful. 

The Markie - Beef, Turkey, Sausage

Would I go again?  Oh definitely, though when I’m in the mood for BBQ, it would be hard to find a reason to drive out of the way to get to Chaps when I live right by Andy Nelson’s. However, the sausage may just call my name....and I may have to answer. 

p.s. Peek into the kitchen and watch the whole Meat Operation as you wait for your order - it's kinda fascinating AND it makes you excited/hungry/anxious for your sandwich.     

Chaps Pit Beef on Urbanspoon

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fuji San, Cockeysville

Fuji San on York Road in Cockeysville is my go-to place for Thai food (though they also serve Sushi and other Japanese items).  The restaurant itself seems to be more of a carry out joint, but I’ve eaten here a bunch of times as well.  Though it lacks a bit in ambiance, the service definitely makes up for that.  Oh, and last time I was there, it was a BYOB as well!  

 Pad Thai with Chicken

Do you have one of those restaurants where you can only order the same thing every time you go?  This is how it is for me at Fuji San.  I am sure I would love all the other menu items, but I can only ever order the Pad Thai ($6.95 for lunch, $9.95 for dinner) because I know how much I love it.   There’s a light sweetness to the noodles and a lovely crunch from the peanuts and bean sprouts, and there’s plenty of chicken.  I am always more than pleased when I have this. The portions are HUUUUUGE by the way, so I would recommend splitting a soup and an entree for a good meal.

Tom Kha Soup

My friend and I also shared some Tom Kha soup ($3.95 with Tofu or Vegetables, $4.95 with Chicken, $5.95 with Shrimp, $7.95 for Seafood medley) traditional broth flavored with Thai herbs, coconut milk, mushroom, lime juice and a touch of chili with chicken.  This was a creamy but light soup, with a slight kick from the chili that is balanced well by the coconut milk.  One slight complaint is that there was not enough shrimp in the soup.  I don't remember exactly how many, but it definitely wasn't worth the extra $2.  I would probably try it again with Tofu.  By itself, this soup would be a wonderful lunch choice, especially if you had a piece of homemade bread for dipping.  

One day I will try something new from here.  I'm always leaning towards a curry, but I never remember whether it's the Green (Gang Khiao Wan), Red (Gang Ped Dang), Gang Panang or Yellow (Gang Lhiang) one that I love...I also know that I don't like one of those choices as well!  I get unreasonably upset when I hate my dish, so I am not willing to guess!  I need to go to a Thai restaurant with someone and weasel them into ordering a curry and then ask to sample :)

Fuji San Su-Fen Sesum on Urbanspoon

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Morning Haiku

so sweet and juicy
i wish there was no darn pit
to slow down eating




Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Morning Haiku

I know snoballs are
a Baltimore tradition
But I love fro yo :(

I don't even think about snoballs anymore.  When I'm hot, all I want is to go to a Frozen Yogurt place and get a treat.  My usual combination is super simple too - vanilla frozen yogurt topped with strawberries.  Sometimes I get an added treat of heath bar and oreos!  But recently, at Yogoya, I tried passion fruit frozen yogurt topped with some kiwi and it was magical. 

Sorry egg custard....I may not sample your delights this year.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

B&O Brasserie’s Second Annual Crab Bash, July 26th 6-9pm

B&O Brasserie’s Second Annual Crab Bash, July 26th 6-9pm

You are invited to a cook-off between award-winning chefs from around the region as they search for the Best Crab Dish.  For $35, you will be able to sample the chefs’ dishes, enjoy complimentary hors d’oeuvres from Executive Chef Thomas Dunklin and a complimentary cocktail created for the anniversary by Head Bartender Brendan Dorr.  Admission also includes entrance into a raffle for a free night stay at the Hotel Monaco Baltimore.

Each crab dish will be judged by both attendees and a panel of local celebrity judges. One chef will be awarded a People’s Choice Award based solely on the votes of attendees and one chef (or possibly the same chef) will be awarded a trophy for Best in Show by the celebrity panel.

Sounds Fun!!

To purchase your ticket for Crab Bash, visit or visit their Facebook page for more info.


B&O American Brasserie
2 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
$35 entrance fee includes Crab Bash dish tastings, complimentary hors d’oeuvres, a hand-crafted anniversary cocktail, and raffle ticket for a free night stay at the Hotel Monaco Baltimore

Monday, July 11, 2011

GrrChe - Gourmet Grilled Cheese Food Truck

I tried the The Crab Delight ($10) - Grilled Maryland Crab Cake with Monterey Jack Cheese and Tomatoes on Texas Toast from the Grilled Cheese Truck the other day (I still have no idea how I'm supposed to pronounce GrrChe).  First, let's just state the obvious here that this really isn't a grilled's a sandwich that happens to have cheese on it ahahaha, but I have never had a crab cake sandwich with cheese on it before, so I thought I would give it a shot.

I thought the crab cake was quite good, obviously it's made from back fin and has a lot of filler, but I did like it.  The cheese was probably overkill - but I realize that it was necessary in order for this truck to sell it!  The toast was buttery, though a tad soggy.  Overall it was a good sandwich, but it felt so unhealthy.  I realize this is my doing - I'm the one that chose the grilled CHEESE sandwich on buttered Texas Toast..... 

All sandwiches come with a pickle and a choice of chips or an apple, which is a nice touch. I am happy that I chose the apple.....I really didn't need it though because the sandwich itself was so filling!!

As well as the basic grilled cheeses ($4.50-$5.50), the menu consists of other really interesting selections.  I'm not sure if these would be too much or just plain delicious - what do you think?
- Lobster Grill ($14) - Lobster with brie or cheddar cheese, celery and spices on a roll
- Pulled Grill ($7.75) - Cheddar cheese, mac and cheese, and pulled pork

GrrChe - Gourmet Grilled Cheese Truck!/GrrChe

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Gathering - TONIGHT

 The Gathering (of Food Trucks), TONIGHT July 8th 5-10pm

A bunch of our very favorite food trucks will be gathering in one spot tonight to tempt you all with their fare!  

You’ll find Kooper’s Chowhound Burger Wagon, Miss Shirley’s Food Truck, Iced Gems, Souper Freak, GrrChe, Silver Platter and Gypsy Queen all waiting for you at 421 Central Avenue and Eastern Avenue (Harbor East). Some of the proceeds will benefit There Goes My Hero, a nonprofit organization that works to match leukemia patients with donors. 

Check out more information here:

Friday Morning Haiku

Now that I'm training,
alcohol equals headaches
and food equals fuel

I am finally in the midst of training for the Marine Corps Marathon (113 more days!).  

I've become anti-social on Fridays in anticipation of my long runs on Saturday mornings, and then I'm a dud on Saturday evenings because my body is so tired.  I've found that I constantly think about whether a meal that I eat today will affect my run tomorrow.  I am suddenly way too interested in granola bars and dairy-free smoothies and ways to get more protein.  And I drink so much water that, well, I'll just stop there......

Anyway, it's all very strange, but all very worth it so far.  
p.s. I am training with the Charm City Run Marathon training team, and it's already been such a great experience!!!!  If you are interested in running a long race and think a training team is right for you, I would totally recommend checking them out!

p.p.s. Leave a comment with any racing/eating/training/recovery/pre-race tips you have!!!! 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Biscoff Spread

 (Image taken from here)

Welcome to my totally random, but necessary, post. This weekend while I was in Austin TX, I found a new love in my life - Biscoff Spread

This spread is smooth and sweet and is apparently "Europe's Alternative to Peanut Butter."  It tastes like spreadable gingerbread (which makes sense since it's made using crushed Belgian spice cookies), and it is a DELIGHT!  It's sweeter than nut butters, so I'm not sure I would pair it with jam, but I've just been enjoying it on toasted bread.  In fact, it may become a new go-to meal before my long runs!

Now I just need to figure out where I can get it in Maryland - surely it has to be somewhere!  In the meantime, I will always have Amazon:

UPDATED 7/11/11 - According to the Biscoff website, the spread can be found in Maryland at Wegmans, Fresh Market and ShopRite!!!

Has anyone ever tried this!?  Has anyone seen this in a store around Baltimore?  Let me know!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Morning Haiku

Dear America,
Happy birthday weekend, love
I do heart you so!

Have a wonderful Holiday weekend with friends and family! 
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