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Monday, July 25, 2011

Fuji San, Cockeysville

Fuji San on York Road in Cockeysville is my go-to place for Thai food (though they also serve Sushi and other Japanese items).  The restaurant itself seems to be more of a carry out joint, but I’ve eaten here a bunch of times as well.  Though it lacks a bit in ambiance, the service definitely makes up for that.  Oh, and last time I was there, it was a BYOB as well!  

 Pad Thai with Chicken

Do you have one of those restaurants where you can only order the same thing every time you go?  This is how it is for me at Fuji San.  I am sure I would love all the other menu items, but I can only ever order the Pad Thai ($6.95 for lunch, $9.95 for dinner) because I know how much I love it.   There’s a light sweetness to the noodles and a lovely crunch from the peanuts and bean sprouts, and there’s plenty of chicken.  I am always more than pleased when I have this. The portions are HUUUUUGE by the way, so I would recommend splitting a soup and an entree for a good meal.

Tom Kha Soup

My friend and I also shared some Tom Kha soup ($3.95 with Tofu or Vegetables, $4.95 with Chicken, $5.95 with Shrimp, $7.95 for Seafood medley) traditional broth flavored with Thai herbs, coconut milk, mushroom, lime juice and a touch of chili with chicken.  This was a creamy but light soup, with a slight kick from the chili that is balanced well by the coconut milk.  One slight complaint is that there was not enough shrimp in the soup.  I don't remember exactly how many, but it definitely wasn't worth the extra $2.  I would probably try it again with Tofu.  By itself, this soup would be a wonderful lunch choice, especially if you had a piece of homemade bread for dipping.  

One day I will try something new from here.  I'm always leaning towards a curry, but I never remember whether it's the Green (Gang Khiao Wan), Red (Gang Ped Dang), Gang Panang or Yellow (Gang Lhiang) one that I love...I also know that I don't like one of those choices as well!  I get unreasonably upset when I hate my dish, so I am not willing to guess!  I need to go to a Thai restaurant with someone and weasel them into ordering a curry and then ask to sample :)

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Jewel said...

I LOVE their Pad Thai! I ALWAYS get it too and then some type of sushi roll. But I'll have to try that soup!! Thanks for the picture cause it looks good, sometimes I don't try something because I want to see it first.

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

I know what you mean - pictures are so important!!!! Glad I'm going to help you find something new on the menu.

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