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Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Morning Haiku

Now that I'm training,
alcohol equals headaches
and food equals fuel

I am finally in the midst of training for the Marine Corps Marathon (113 more days!).  

I've become anti-social on Fridays in anticipation of my long runs on Saturday mornings, and then I'm a dud on Saturday evenings because my body is so tired.  I've found that I constantly think about whether a meal that I eat today will affect my run tomorrow.  I am suddenly way too interested in granola bars and dairy-free smoothies and ways to get more protein.  And I drink so much water that, well, I'll just stop there......

Anyway, it's all very strange, but all very worth it so far.  
p.s. I am training with the Charm City Run Marathon training team, and it's already been such a great experience!!!!  If you are interested in running a long race and think a training team is right for you, I would totally recommend checking them out!

p.p.s. Leave a comment with any racing/eating/training/recovery/pre-race tips you have!!!! 


Cara said...

A few tips: while training for Boston, I came to really LOVE chocolate milk after my long runs. It was more hydrating than water/gatorade. If you don't have a "Stick" roller I highly suggest getting one for your 16+ mile Saturday runs, it will really help loosen up sore muscles. Also, I know how tired you feel after your Saturday longs, but if you can keep yourself from lazing about the rest of the day, you'll reduce your Sunday soreness. If you ever want to talk running, let me know! :)

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Straight milk gives me tummy aches (I am slightly lactose) - can I have chocolate milk made with almond milk? Because that will be delicious for me.

I don't have a stick! I need a stick!!!!!

Also, I agree, I try not to be too lazy on Saturday (although it feels so glorious), but I get a lot of headaches and feel sleepy. I am guessing this is because I don't drink enough water afterwards, right?

Simply Life said...

wow, way to go! Good luck!

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