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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Icedgems Baking Cupcake Van - Driving to Happy Tummies Everywhere!

UPDATE 8/2010: I've tried a TON of flavors now, and without a doubt they are all amazing.  That being said, my absolute favorite is the Red Velvet Cupcake.  The cream cheese icing is just incredible.  I would seriously be happy if this van only carried Red Velvet Cupcakes to my house everyday.

There is a new food van in town - AND IT CARRIES CUPCAKES.  Delicious.  Amazing.  Cupcakes.

Icedgems Baking literally opened their van doors YESTERDAY and I managed to get some treats thanks to my lovely husband :)

And OH MY was I a happy camper.  These cupcakes ARE SPECTACULAR

Food Vans are a genius idea.  I love them. They have that wonderful element of surprise: you have to run out and get that treat because who knows when you will have it next!  And you can guarantee that I will be running out (or making Dan run out) to get some of these cupcakes whenever they are close by :)

Icedgems Baking Van carries 6 of their 17 flavors each day - and these cupcakes are made fresh DAILY.  I am not usually an icing fan - I'm one of those people who scrape away most of the icing and then just eat the cake - but not with these.   There's just something so creamy, sweet and light about the icing, and it pairs deliciously with the moist cake!

(Lemon Tang aka Lemon Tangmazingness)

Cupcakes I tried (yes.  I tried portions of them ALL.  I had a large mug of milk next to me!!!):
Vanilla Vanilla: Vanilla cake topped with buttercream flavored with pure Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla.  A great base cake.  The buttercream icing really shines here.
Chocolate Chocolate: Chocolate cake enriched with red cocoa and topped with Callebaut chocolate buttercream.  LOVED this.  There is something so great about the chocolate buttercream, and I love how this isn't overly sweet even though it's double chocolate!
Chocolate Vanilla: Chocolate cake from above and vanilla icing from above above :)  How can you go wrong with two greats?
Lemon Tang (pictured): Vanilla cake topped by a lemon infused buttercream with lemon zest.  I loooooove citrusy desserts, so this was right up my alley and I just adored it.  The lemon is a perfect compliment with the creamy icing.
Rocky Road: Chocolate cake filled with chunks of pecan, callebaut chocolate and marshallows and topped with buttercream blended with marshamallows.  You will love this one.  Trust me.  The chunks of chocolate in the cake was such a great surprise and the marshmallowy buttercream icing was a treat.

Can't wait to try more!  In fact, today they will offer their Red Velvet cupcake, so Dan has already been instructed to pick one out for me :)

I also tried their Million Dollar Shortbread (or Millionaire Shortbread?) which is a thick layer of shortbread, with a layer of caramel and a layer of hardened chocolate.  This is just plain decadent.  It's rich, crumbly and out-of-this-world!  It reminded me of a fancier version of that Christmas treat people make with the saltines, sugar, butter and chocolate.  A much much fancier version :)  As of yesterday they weren't selling these, according to Dan, but I sincerely hope they do!!!!

$2.50 - single cupcake
$12.50 - boxed half dozen
$24 - boxed dozen
ALSO, with a minimum order of 2 dozen cupcakes, they offer free delivery to your door within 20 miles of Reisterstown, MD!!!!!  Imagine the convenience of this when hosting parties or for baby showers and bridal showers etc.!

Become a fan of them on Facebook, and learn where they will be each day

Where are they today?  You can find them at 375 Padonia Road (corner of Padonia and Deereco Road) in Timonium between 10AM-2PM.  Let me know what you think if you go!

Icedgems Baking (Mobile Truck) on Urbanspoon

Legal Disclaimer: While getting a second helping of cupcakes yesterday for me to try, Dan told the owner that I wrote this blog so she very graciously gave us 6 cupcakes at a discounted rate and threw in the shortbread for free!  


Anonymous said...

What a great idea!!!! YUMMMM

Kiri said...

You are right! The Icedgems cupcakes are AMAZING!!

SpaGuy said...

My family and I love
because they get the ratio of cake to frosting right. The frosting covers the entire top and begins below the rim of the paper cup.

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Anon - I agree! Who can resist a cupcake van!!!!!

Kiri - They really are. I think my goal in life should be trying each of their 17 flavors!!!!

Spa Guy - You are right, Baltimore Cupcake Company does make delicious cupcakes! But I can never eat a full cupcake because there's so much icing and it gets too sweet for me sometimes :)

JDMasochist said...

I will deff be hitting this up. They're right down the street from me too!

Cialis Online said...

That is such a smart business idea. I am sure it is good money. I guess most of the customers are women craving for sugar LOL

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