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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Let's Talk About Lunch

(This is not my sandwich, but oh man doesn't it look delicious!?!?!?!?!)

This month, one of my favorite websites The Kitchn is focusing on lunch, which made me think about my own lunches, and how boring I am :)  Ever since I got my breadmaker, I've been eating bread consistently for about two months.

This is what I had today AND everyday this week so far:
A sandwich that consisted of two slices of my homemade whole wheat bread, Wegman's Roasted Tomato Hummus (sooooo gooood!), mixed sprouts, cucumber and tomato.  It was delicious!  I also had a side of cut up strawberries.  Oh I just loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove strawberries!  I didn't pack enough though, so now I am slightly angry at myself.  For a snack, I have two clementines waiting for me. 

I try to pack a lunch everyday, and occasionally I will allow myself a treat and buy lunch, but that is usually once every other week.  This saves me a TON of money, and plus it helps me stay a bit healthier.  As you know from my posts, when I eat out, I tend to eat way more than I I try to reign that in.  Also, if I do eat out, I never pick Friday's because I usually eat out for dinner, so I don't want to eat too much in one day. 

What did you have for lunch today?  Do you usually have the same thing everyday, like me?  Or are you smart and try to mix it up :)


Nargius said...

preversI like to diversify........ But that is your Mama for you....
can't wait to eat your scruptious bread though!!!!!!

theminx said...

What I eat for lunch depends on what I had for breakfast. For instance, if I decide to get a turkey bacon breakfast sandwich from Starbucks, I'll have yogurt for lunch. But if I've brought leftovers for lunch, I'll have yogurt for breakfast. Today I have a couple spoonsful of macaroni and cheese and one leftover meatball. Hopefully Neal's making something good for dinner!

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