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Friday, April 23, 2010

What's going on at B&O?????????

This just in: La Verde Seis ON THE LOOSE

Earlier today, six individuals dressed in black chef coats commandeered the rooftop of the old B&O Railroad headquarters in downtown Baltimore that now houses The Hotel Monaco and B&O American Brasserie. One of the suspects, whose alias is “Pappa Duck,” has been identified as Chef E. Michael Reidt, the dashing and charismatic executive chef of the restaurant.  He was armed with what appears to be tomato and strawberry plants, along with endless boxes of seeds, including beets, carrots, kale and brussels sprouts.  With him, five others were seen, all armed and dangerous, holding bags of potting soil hostage on the west side of the roof.

In a dizzying and daring chain of events, the Head of Engineering for the Hotel Monaco was bribed with flatbreads to give the rebels access to the rooftop space, which is secured by two levels of stairs and multiple fire doors.  The accomplice was also spotted providing a 25-foot garden hose to provide the last missing piece of the operation.

It appears as though they had pre-planned this coup, as there were large storage containers and terra cotta pots recently placed on the roof for storage. It is not yet known what additional demands the renegade and his team have made, but it is believed they will release fresh vegetables and herbs to the second floor kitchen.  They have also claimed responsibility of a bold and daring mushroom garden discovered in the basement of the building earlier this morning as well as a strange glow light that appears to be growing micro greens in the exhibition kitchen of the restaurant.

They have not yet released any statements as to why they have started this covert operation but it is believed to be in honor of Earth Day.  The identity of the other six suspects was just released by hotel security. In fact, the masked accessories are Reidt’s known accomplices in the kitchen, all wanted for similar heinous crimes involving gardening: Julia Ning, Matt Kane, Will Cox, Thorin Peugh and Angela Anderson.

The full details of the valiant take over are still coming in, but it looks like B&O American Brasserie may start forcing its customers to actually eat food grown only feet from their plates. God help us all!

Got this from B&O today.  super cute! :)
And what a GREAT GREAT idea.  Definitely makes me want to go there!

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