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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Razorback's Raw Bar & Grill, Towson

This place really surprised, in a good way! I just expected this bar/grill in a Towson strip mall (have you noticed that I've eaten at a lot of strip mall restaurants lately???) to serve "bar fare" aka burgers, wings etc etc. They serve a lot more than that! Of course, we still ended up getting burgers because that's what we were in the mood for, but I wouldn't mind going back there again to see what else there is.

For an appetizer we chose the Pancetta wrapped mango shrimp which was really delicious and huge. The mango sauce was lovely and definitely beats just having plain old cocktail sauce.

The burgers were insanely delicious. They were hearty, not dripping with oil, and on a really yummy roll. The fries were yum yum in my tum as well! I ordered the Razor burger for $7.95 (cheese etc are an additional 50 cents).

For dessert we each ordered an apple tart a la mode and an icecream sandwich with freshly made cookies. The apple tart was ok, I was obsessed with ice cream for some reason, more so than the pie, which tells you a lot about the pie. The filling was good, it was just something about the crust-- I don't think it was crispy enough. The cookie sandwich was also ok, the cookies were a little too crispy. Basically the tart and sandwich should have swapped personalities and we would have been in business.

Overall, I was really happy with this place. The bar is like any normal place, but the restaurant behind it is surprisingly classy. Watch out though, this place was pretty noisy, so don't come here for a quiet dinner.

Razorback's Raw Bar & Grill
826 Dulaney Valley Rd.
Towson, MD 21204

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