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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Parsa Kabob, Cockeysville

I wish you were plentiful.

Parsa Kabob is an Iranian restaurant in a random strip mall. I really wonder about the location of this place, but I'll take it. I've gone here a couple of times for dinner and usually order the kabob platters which come with a ton of rice and meat. This time, hubbo and I went for their weekday brunch which is $10.95. Great price, right?

Well, sure it is, but not if they DON'T REPLENISH THEIR FOOD. What!?!?! Ok, so we were there at 12:30pm, the buffet starts at Noon. Why did we have to scrape the rice pan just to get some on our plates? Nearly all the pans were at the end, which kinda grosses me out. The food itself was good (especially because they had my favorite chicken in pomegranate meal), but the fact that there was no rice and just the ends of all the dishes REALLY disappointed me enough to not want to go back.

However, if you do feel like Iranian food and you work/live close by, I still wouldn't discount the place. I mean, it's good food, they just apparently don't run a lunch buffet very well. They also have a mini shop in the back featuring all sorts of amazing Persian delights which I wanted to sample.....but I held myself back.

Parsa Kabob

74 Cranbrook Rd

Cockeysville, MD 21030

(410) 683-7411

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