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Monday, August 25, 2008

Swirl Wine Shop, Timonium

It's such a great feeling (for me, at least) when you find a wine shop that you love. Personally it's hard to find because I'm not well versed on wines (even though I am a Maryland Wine Ambassador....), I like cheaper bottles of wine (no less than $7 and no more than $14), and I don't like to be surrounded by the typical wine drinking snobbery. I realize that most people at wine shops are trying to be helpful, but I hate it when they point me to a wine that is expensive even when I clearly look like I am not the type to be able to distinguish a buttery nose from a crispy nose (whatever that means).

Swirl wine seems to cater to me. It's eclectic, it's fun, it's NOT overwhelming at all, and the owners/employees are genuinely nice and NOT snobs! To be honest, they have a small selection of wines, but they do cover all the bases- even Maryland wine! Most of the wines they sell are VERY reasonable, and some are even on sale. They also write special handwritten notes about some of the wines on tags around the bottles.

Another reason why I love them is because they sell local chocolate from a friend of theirs! I bought a box and will review it once I actually open it.

***Actually, this is a shocking piece of information so let me just explain. I bought it for myself on my birthday 5 days ago and have still not opened the box! I've been having a LOT of sugar lately and decided I needed to not have something every night.***

Anyway, they also offer wine tastings every friday and saturday and sometimes they have winemakers come in to speak. I really think this wine shop is trying to market themselves to my generation, and they are doing a fine job!

Swirl Wine

2320 York Road (next to the fairgrounds)

Timonium, Maryland 21093

410 252 7787

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