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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Iggie's, Mt. Vernon

Holy crap. This is it! I have found my favorite pizza place EVER!!!!!!!!! Not only is this the cutest pizza place in the city, but it has the most delicious gourmet style pizza. I am vowing to myself to try every single one on their menu. The pizzas themselves come on thin crust pizza and it's a self serve sort of place, and a BYOB so there is no extra charge with tips etc. It's a very warm atmosphere-- and dogs are allowed!

We tried the Pera Saporita which has gorgonzola cheese and pears and a balsamic reduction (the half eaten one in the picture). Let me tell you something, I don't like the gorgs, but I LOVED this pizza. The gorgs wasn't overwhelming AT ALL and all the 3 ingredients created this wonderful melody in my mouth.
We also ordered a pizza with cheese, basil and tomatos-- YUM. I can't find it on the menu so I don't know what it's called, but you can find it! It's delicious and definitely my favorite of the three that we ordered. The cheese was just the right amount, and I love basil so much so the amount on there made me glow.

The last pizza we ordered was the Quatro Formaggio, 4 cheeses, roasted garlic and sea salt. Boy they did not lie about the garlic. This was a really yummy pizza, but VERY garlicky, so beware if you're on a date!

These pizzas are pretty expensive compared to regular take out. The large pizzas (the best for sharing) cost anywhere from $14-17, so be prepared! They also donate all tips to a different charity every month (this month was Beans and Bread Outreach).

Overall, this is a wonderful neighborhood gourmet pizza joint with heart and soul! I loved it.

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Anonymous said...

This is the BEST pizza place EVER!!!!! and I'm not given to that kind of rave. They are a little pricely and Mt. Vernon has plenty of cheap-pizza options, so I fear from time to time they will evaporate.
This place really is a different experience than the local greasepit pizza joint -- the space is welcoming and interesting, I love the little pizza stands on the tables so that you can stack up several options, and it's BYOB. I knew a worker there, and he said it's a great place to work. I believe it, the vibe is just that good.

Runners up for best-a-little-pricely-but-worth-it-pizza are Zella's in SoWeBo and Kyro (formerly Isis Cafe) in Mt. Vernon. Cheaper but really quite good pizza can be found at Matthew's on Eastern Ave. near Patterson Park.

I eat a lot of pizza.

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