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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hershey's Symphony Chocolate Bar (with toffee and almonds)

Let's take a break for a second and pay homage to a yummy YUMMY chocolate bar that I just discovered from none other than Mr. Hershey's himself.
Oh sweet love of Symphony, the almond and toffee kind! How happy I am to finally meet you!
It's like a toned down version of a heath bar because of the little bits of toffee and smooth milk chocolate. It has been a long time since a regular chocolate bar has inticed me so. I will admit on my own blog that I am a chocolate snob. I only really like to go to chocolatiers for specialty chocolate, and I would only buy expensive bars of fair trade, organic chocolate to bake with.....but then this little bugger came along and has thrown my snobbery for a loop.
Perhaps you should try it, too! :)

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