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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Piedigrotta, Federal Hill

Dan and I LOVE ribbon cake. Do you know about ribbon cake? I'm pretty sure it's a Mid-Atlantic delight. At first I thought it may have been a Baltimore thing, but then I saw it at the Amish market and I took that thought back.

Ribbon cake is made of the same cake slice, just colored like a rainbow and the fillings are either chocolate or raspberry jam. This cake had raspberry jam (chocolate is usually the filling you find at markets), and that pretty much sold it for me. However, it was $3.97 a slice which is kind of hefty if you think about it. But I tell myself that I would never make ribbon cake myself so I don't mind paying for it.

We found this beauty at the Cross Street Market in Federal Hill, but they also have a main shop in Little Italy. To be honest, the cake was good but not great. The cake itself seemed a little stale, but the filling was lovely and paired really well with the chocolate icing. If there had been chocolate filling it would have been a bit too much, especially because the chocolate icing was already sweet as it is.

I wouldn't be against trying anything else from this place, but I would more likely try it from their shop in Little Italy than their stand at Cross Street.

Cross Street Market, Federal Hill

1300 Bank Street, Suite 140
Baltimore, MD 21231

Piedigrotta Bakery of Baltimore on Urbanspoon

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