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Monday, March 30, 2009

Mr Souvlaki, Cockeysville

OK I know this is totally random. I mean, this is the hot dog cart outside of Home Depot. But I need to review this place because I’ve gone there about 4 times in the past three weeks! This place is DELICIOUS AND CHEAP. If you’re like me and have to go to Home Depot at least twice a day to pick up home supplies, then this is the best place to stop for a quick bite. I’ve had their all-beef hot dog before which is great (and around $2.50 I think), but now my favorite is their Gyro. This takes a little longer for them to prepare, but for $4.75, it’s worth it. The tzatziki sauce is tangy and cucumber-y and the meat is grilled to perfection. Oh I love stopping by there for a quick bite!

Mr. Souvlaki
(Outside of Home Depot)
125 Industry Lane, Cockeysville MD 21030

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