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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hightopps Backstage Grille, Timonium

Have I ever told you about how horrendous the food is at Hightopps? I haven't!?!?! Well shame on me because it's terrible. It's a darn shame too because I go here every Tuesday night for Charm City Trivia and it would be nice to order something delicious while I work my brain. Recently, I went there to watch the Ravens game and had a lot of fun but had terrible (shocker) nachos. Nachos! How can any place mess up nachos! ESPECIALLY a bar! I ordered the chicken nachos for about $12 which is pretty expensive for nachos, not to mention really crappy nachos. THe chicken was cooked too much and was excessively chewy, the nachos themselves were practically burnt to a crisp and the cheese wasn't gooey but a solid overcooked mess. It was terrible, but I ate it because I was hungry. My husband has ordered a chicken sandwich from here and received raw chicken, that same time he ordered wings which had a feather still attached. Totally gross. Basically, come here for a cool bar, but do NOT order any food. Seriously.

EDIT 8/10/09: Thanks to the commenters, it seems like Hightopps has changed chefs- so this review may be out of date.....but I still need to go there to check! Thank you again Jessica and my anonymous friend for giving me the scoop!!!! -- Nakiya

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Unknown said...

I agree that the food at HighTops is TOTAL CRAP. It's amazing how they can mess up something as basic as a chicken sandwich! Love Katie G.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... that's what I hear! =( I just got an email that they have a "2 Hour, $10 Open Bar" on Wed Jan 7th - and 1/2 price burgers on Wed also... so I thought I'd check it out? Hopefully they can do the burgers alright? I hear the atmosphere is cool though.

Anonymous said...

well i have been back for dinner since my friend told me that they changed chefs and I think the food is awesome!! alot of my other friends and co-workers are saying that i have been taking the food to go!maybe they just had got a unfortunate bad rap. that place is great

Unknown said...

Yes Hightopps has changed chefs! Chef Ed is top notch and the food is as well! Out with the old/bad in with the good/new!
Thanks Chef Ed, now we love to eat where we drink!!

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