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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bahama Breeze, Towson

I went to Bahama Breeze the other night with a bit of a sulk because for some reason I remember not liking the food that much. I think the décor is super cute although it does feel strange to celebrate being in the tropics when you are 2 seconds away from a big mall. But anyway, I wasn’t excited until I got there and actually had their food. I was very very happy! We ordered the vine-ripened tomato and basil flatbread for an appetizer (for 5 people) and it was a great amount for all of us to try a couple of square pieces. The flatbread itself was delicious, I mean, you can’t go wrong with cheese + tomato + basil, and you can’t go wrong with anything resembling a pizza. Yum!

For my entrée I ordered the salmon pan-seared with a creamy mango butter sauce. Oh this was good. The salmon was incredibly flaky, but crispy on the outside, which I LOVE. I chose the island rice on the side (yummy, but not really anything island-y, but I loved it regardless) and some haricots-verts. I literally cleaned my plate. The salmon was yum!

For dessert I shared the key lime pie, which at first glance looked like a lemon meringue pie since it came with meringue on the top. I have never seen it served that way, but I liked that little touch a lot. Meringue doesn’t have a strong flavor, so it didn’t add or detract from the overall pie. The lime part was creamy and incredibly tangy, but matched well with the delicious crust that must have been baked with a thousand sticks of butter it was so good.

Overall, I was so happy with my dinner here and would happily come again if asked!

Bahama Breeze
100 E. Joppa Road
Towson, MD 21286
Phone: (410) 821-7090
Fax: (410) 821-7093

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