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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dunkin Donuts, Everywhere USA

I know. Another random post, but I’m a follower of Elizabeth Large’s blog from the Baltimore Sun, and a couple of her recent posts were about coffee. Interestingly enough, many people proclaimed DD to have the best coffee- mostly because of their consistency. Now, I’m a fan of their delicious sweet treats, but quite unbelievably I’ve never tried their coffee. So on Saturday I went there, trained my eyes to focus on coffee and only on coffee (and not on that delicious Boston Cream donut I saw gazing up at me with delight) and asked for a small coffee with cream and sugar. Well, it was quite lovely! Sooo super lovely! It’s a mild coffee, which is great for me, and the amount of cream and sugar made it into something of a treat! For people that want to do it themselves, there is obviously that capability, but I liked that they would just do it for me. The DD coffee is a much better option for those that want to wean themselves off of flavored coffees, but aren’t ready to go all the way! Usually at Starbuck’s or Cosi’s, for example, their house coffees are much too strong for the casual drinker. Now there is another option!
Next up…..I’ve heard good things about McDonald’s coffee… I even dare?

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