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Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Morning Haiku

 (Image from the Baltimore Sun front page)

Irene is coming
I'm stocked up on provisions
Cookies, Ice Cream, Chips

I went to the new The Fresh Market (838 Dulaney Valley Road) in Towson and stocked up on my version of Hurricane provisions.  Before I tell you what they are, can I just say how beautiful that grocery store is, cause it is.  Is that weird to say?  Probably.  But I have an unnatural love for grocery stores.

Nakiya's list of Hurricane Provisions.  Please do not do as I do.
- One packet of olive and fig Raincoast Crisps
- One log of goat cheese to go with Raincoast Crisps
- One bag of Cape Cod Kettle Chips
- Two big bottles of Fiji water (I hate myself for this one, why didn't I just go to another grocery store and get a gallon of water for 25 cents?)
- 2 pints of Talenti Gelato - Tahitian Vanilla and Double Dark Chocolate
- One peach-a-rine - yes, apparently that is a fruit that exists
- One GINORMOUS red plum that seriously looks like an apple
- Two boxes of Moravian cookies - Chocolate dipped toasted coconut cookies and Artisan blend chocolate cookies

What is wrong with me?  Apparently, if I have no power, I will want to snack all day long on cookies and chips, and eat two pints of gelato quickly before they melt in the freezer.  Obviously, I got caught up in buying snacks.  I love snacks.

OK, so tell me - have you bought any Hurricane provisions?  What did you get?


theminx said...

If you lose power before you eat your gelato, don't open the freezer! Stuff will stay colder if the door stays closed.

strawberriesinparis said...

That is one funny list.

I think I want to make crab bisque for dinner on Saturday night but I will have to make only what I'm going to eat!!

I'm excited to see this pretty market at some point. :)

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Minx - This is very true. I will try my best to not open the freezer. I LOVE GELATO THOUGH.

Liz - ooooooh crab bisque sounds delightful!!!!

Jemgal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MD said...

Did you notice that Fresh Market sells Biscoff Spread? I saw some when I was in the store the other day!

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

I saw they had Biscoff cookies, but I didn't see the spread!

I was super enamored with the candy/coffee/trail mix sections, but I didn't see any tea - where was the tea!?!?!?!

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