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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tea by Two, Bel Air

Real Talk: I am obsessed with Tea Rooms. They make me SOOOOOO happy!  If you've never been to one, Tea by Two in Bel Air is a great place to try for your first time because it will make you as obsessed as me (well, probably not AS obsessed.....).

Check out this adorableness!!!!

Dan and I had a Groupon/Living Social for Tea by Two, so we were able to get two High Teas for the cost of one (usually $20pp).  A High Tea consists of the following: Soup or Salad followed by assorted tea sandwiches, sweets and a warm scone.  A great choice for a lunch time visit.


One flaw of the menu is that it doesn't state how much tea is available to you.  I found out that with the High Tea, I could try as many pots as I liked!!!  This is HUGE for me because I am VERY picky about teas, so it makes it hard to commit to one!

The first type that I ordered was a scented Black tea called Magical Garden - Black and Green blend of citrus, heather and lemongrass.  I am 100% sure they gave me the wrong tea because I tasted a berry flavor rather than citrus, and I did not like it.  Dan, who is not a fan of tea, decided to try a Rooibos, the Orange Creamsicle - Rooibos Orange and Cream.  He actually liked it!!!  I thought it was great as well, by itself or with one lump of sugar.  The second type of tea that I tried was their Anniversary Blend - Black tea made with rose petals and pearls! I liked this so much that I ended up buying some to take home with me!!


On to the food!  Dan and I started with their soup of the day, a creamy crab bisque.  And then we were presented with the 3 tiered delight as pictured above.  Do you see my face?  I'm pretty sure I smiled like that the entire time we were in that tea room.  On the bottom level were 2 large butterscotch scones that I SLATHERED with sweet cream and lemon curd.  The middle tier held 3 types of finger sandwiches and on top were 3 kinds of sweets (lemon cake, sugar cookie, and mini peach melbas).  SO GOOD. ALL OF THEM SO GOOD.  

So what can I say?  This place is fantastic.  The service was amazing and incredibly friendly.  The atmosphere is so charming and delightful.  The food was surprisingly substantial and not-surprisingly delicious.  Their tea selection was broad and unique.  Their gift shop was tempting and satisfying.  PHEW!  Are those reasons good enough for you?

  • If you plan to come on a Saturday - MAKE RESERVATIONS!  This place is adorable, but tiny, and was quite full when we came at Noon.  
  • They are unable to seat children under 5, including infants. 
  • They have a gift shop.  Plan to spend money, because you won't be able to stop yourself.
  • Please check out the bathroom.  They use a teapot wallpaper with which I would like to cover every inch of my own house.

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strawberriesinparis said...

awwwwh yay. glad you had such a nice lunch!!

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

It was lovely! It also made me realize that I need to start a teapot collection because I am OBSESSED

Grubarazzi said...

must try!

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Grubarazzi - Definitely! It's super sweet!

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