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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reynolds Tavern, Annapolis

My tiered tea!  This tray has tea for two people

Tea, Tea, Glorious Tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I went to Reynolds Tavern in Annapolis one weekend to sample their Afternoon (Tea) Delights. 
One thing I loved right off the bat about this menu is that they offer diners a nice selection of tea menus to choose from, whether it's a simple Cream Tea ($7.90 for a pot of tea and a scone) or a more elaborate Champagne Tea ($24 for the Afternoon Tea menu PLUS a glass of champagne and chocolate).   

I chose the Afternoon Tea ($17) which includes a pot of tea, one scone, a selection of sandwiches, 2 tiny savory tarts and a variety of tea cakes and pastries. 

Cranberry and Orange Scones

We had a choice of a cranberry and orange scone or golden raisin scone.  My cranberry orange scone was warm and full of fruit and flavor.  I knew from this scone that this Afternoon Tea was going to be a treat. 

I always eat the scones first since they are usually right out of the oven.  As you can see, I don't like to skimp on my cream or jam :)


We had three sandwich quarters - one cucumber, one ham and one egg salad.  Our two tarts were a mini mushroom tart and a mini shepherd's pie that had me oooh-ing and aaah-ing with my mouth full.  


Look at those beauties.  I was in sweetie heaven!!!  On this dessert tier I had a chocolate truffle, a lavender cookie, a Russian teacake, a lemon bar, a piece of poundcake, some hummingbird cake and THE PIECE DE RESISTANCE - a Bakewell cake.  When our server told us that this was included, I'm pretty sure I reacted like I had won a million dollars.  Bakewell tarts are quintessentially British, and this cake mirrors the cherry and almond flavors so well that I was transported to British heaven. 

Additionally, (and this is very important though not stated on the menu) you can have UNLIMITED pots of tea!!!  This is always a big deal for me because I like to try new teas at tea rooms (especially ones that I wouldn’t usually buy for myself at home).  I tried a regular British Breakfast tea, another black tea called Canton Spice Tea that I hated because it had lemon in it, and a lovely Green tea flavored with cherry that I surprisingly loved!

What a WONDERFUL afternoon.  I swear, if it were up to me I would be taking tea at a different place every weekend.  Sure, this may seem expensive, but trust me it's worth it if you love tea, or if you love bite sized treats, and if you have hours to spend chatting with friends - because this is not supposed to be a fast meal!

Reynolds Tavern is definitely one of the best Tea Rooms I've been to in Maryland (along with Tea by Two).  I loved:
  • Their tea selection
  • Unlimited tea
  • The food!!! 
  • The proper yet convivial atmosphere
  • The serving ware :)
  • The general adorableness of its location - in a brick building on Church Circle in downtown Annapolis next to plenty of street parking and parking garages, but also with valet.
Not only will I want to come back for tea, but I would love to try some of the British selections from their menu. Bangers and Mash?  Shepherd's Pie?  Yes, please!

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