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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Coffee with T-- Stevenson, Maryland

Well my first review is about Coffee with T, a tiny little cafe in Stevenson, Maryland. Although really, can we just be honest here and admit that it's Reisterstown? But anyway, it's in this kinda crazy Twilight Zone-ish center that is eerily quiet and quaint. I am not setting this place up well, but honestly it's a strange sort of location. The cafe itself really spoke to me because (as it says on its website) it is committed to the environment. They are involved with a CSA and much of their food is made with local produce.
So I was excited to check it out!
Well first of all, it's tiny. Do not come here with a big group. There were three tables with two chairs each. Luckily for us, however, only one other couple was in there so we managed to get a seat. I ordered the Summer salad for $9.99 which had blueberries, strawberries, candied pecans and goat cheese on lettuce with a pomegranate-blueberry dressing. It was awesome, definitely...but not really worth its price. Dan ordered the applewood smoked ham with cheddar cheese on a pretzel roll for $7.49. Also, not worth its price. In fact, we felt somewhat cheated that a small sandwich with a handful of fritos on the side would cost that much.
They did serve a delicious sweet tea made with lemon and mint-- wonderfully refreshing!

Overall, I am glad that I went since the place had piqued my curiosity, but I know I won't go back because of the price and the randomness of the place. If you happen to find yourself in Stevenson, or if you want to film a Twilight Zone episode for Film School-- this is your place.

Coffee With T
10423 Stevenson Road, Stevenson, Maryland 21153

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