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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wegmans, Cockeysville

That's right. I'm reviewing a grocery store. But that's because it's ever so much than that, but I bet you know that already!

We go here a lot to eat because of the wide array of choices it has to offer, which is perfect for me when I don't know what I'm in the mood for (trust me, it happens). I've pretty much tried everything in the place, so let me quickly recant my favorite of their full takeout section.

The Wokery Bar is surprisingly good. My hubby loves it and has even started to tell me this is his place of choice if we ever want quick Chinese food. I like it, but not that much, but I do appreciate their every crispy shrimp pockets.

Their Caesar salad is huge, even when getting the smallest size. Forget the chicken since it doesn't make enough impact on the meal to make it worth it.

Their sushi is great, and freshly prepared. What's best is that they'll gladly whip you up something while you shop (for bottles of some refreshing Izze, perhaps) AND they have brown rice. I'm usually not too daring with my sushi choice, so California Rolls and Yellowtail Rolls are what I go for.

The Sub shop hits the mark if a big meaty sandwich is what you want. Beware of ordering anything with oil-- they'll drench that sub in oil like Exxon drenches little birdies (ahahaha I had to).

Their salad bar is great because they offer so many interesting prepared salad options. I sometimes like to get an array of those salad and a roll of sushi.

Don't forget to walk up to the dessert counters because they often have samples of their delicacies! The desserts are honestly made to perfection. Their Ultimate Chocolate Cake and Ultimate Carrot Cake are the best I've ever had in those categories. Just be sure to let the icing get to room temperature for peak deliciousness. My hubby swears by their Whoopie Pies, but I can't handle eating that much icing (unless it's on an Ultimate cake). And last but CERTAINLY not least, their Almond pastries are INCREDIBLE. They always have the most almond paste filling than any other place I've gone to.

Let me sum this up for you.


p.s. Take your food and go upstairs to sit and people watch!!!
122 Shawan Road
Cockeysville, MD 21030
(410) 773-3900

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