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Monday, July 28, 2008

Pasta Blitz- Lutherville, Maryland

Well, first of all this place has one thing going for them right off the bat-- it's a BYOB. I love BYOB's because then I don't need to spend a fortune just to have a nice glass of my own wine. The place itself is in a random shopping center that you would probably only know about if you lived around this area....or maybe if you wanted to visit the Jewelry Behemoth otherwise known as Smyth's. I ordered the Chicken Parmigiana for $11.95 and my hubby ordered the Pollo Caprese for $13.45.
The Chicken Parmigiana was really good, the actual chicken that is. The sauce was very plain and reminded me of Prego or something equally nondescript and the spaghetti was not anything I was in the mood for.
The Pollo Capreses which was a chicken breast drenched in a white wine sauce, roma tomatoes, basil and mozzarella cheese was really yummy. I liked this chicken a lot because it actually had some flavor to it. However, the sauce was more buttery than wine-y, and that's not good!
We then ordered dessert which now, when I think back to it, I probably should not have. They do not make any of their desserts on site, and the one that I chose was apparently flown all the way from Italy. First of all, that is not a happy thing for anyone trying to cut down on their carbon footprint, but it also means that there was intense freezing going on. I ordered the "Profiterole cup" which really tasted like a little cup of vanilla icecream (albeit kinda creamy and delicious) with a chocolate topping and little bits of stale pastry within. Why did I do this to myself? I really just wanted a profiterole. Flaky pastry filled with cream and topped with decadent chocolate sauce mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

No. Dessert here did not deliver.
One thing that was truly delicious? The bread they serve before your food.

I am sad this post is mostly negative, but I will have to say this. If you are in the area and want authentic Italian food, I would probably choose Macaroni Grill over this place, and that is mostly because this restaurant likes to come off as "Authentic Italian" but then loses all that credibility with artwork from Santorini, Greece and Provence; Prego-tasting Marinara sauce; and Italian desserts flown in from Italy.

I'd say skip this, unless you were really into finding an Italian BYOB, then come here and order a pizza or something that you won't be disappointed with.

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Ceci said...

give this place another try - my folks and i go there a lot and we really really like it. (they have a few waiters and chefs from italy -- i got into a tiff with one and when i spoke in spanish he got all worried that i was italian and his granmother would hear how he was talking to customers -- we worked it out and my parents laughed.) and yes, the bread is fantastic - but give it another try, i really like this place a lot!! :)

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