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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Returning to Charm City Cupcakes, Downtown

I went back (read my last post) to the cute Charm City Cupcakes for some more treats recently and chose the red velvet and black bottom cupcake (not pictured because my pictures were BEYOND terrible.....seriously). Both of them were $2.50 each.

I left them out for a while this time before eating it, unlike last time when I made a rookie mistake and succumbed to my craving before it was time! Waiting for the icing to come to room temperature makes all the difference in the world, seriously.

The black bottom cake itself was just sinful - it almost didn't need the icing on top, almost. I loved the icing on this cake, which was different from the icing on the wonderfully moist red velvet cake (pictured above). I wish I knew what the icings actually were, but unfortunately I didn't remember and was counting on the website to tell me - it doesn't.

This leads me to my quick rant about menus. If you are go through the trouble of putting a menu on your website, please let it be helpful! Let me know what a certain dish contains (don't just call it The Pimlico and think we are psychic) or let me know what prices are. I don't know about you, but I don't like to be surprised, and so I usually always base where I want to eat on the restaurant's menu and reviews of the menu items.

Anyway, coming back to the cupcakes - these are rich and sweet, please have a mug of milk waiting for you (am I weird for drinking milk in a mug? My hubby thinks so). My favorite icing was on the black bottom cupcake (creamier), my hubby raved about the icing on the red velvet cake (it was sweeter and denser). So let yourself be the judge and see which one you like the most!

Charm City Cupcakes
326 North Charles Street
Baltimore MD 21201


notablem said...

black bottoms and red velvet...mmmm. We keep two glass mugs in the refrigerator to use for our occassional glass of tasty, cold milk.

Simply Life said...

Oh this sounds great! I'm with you - I make a lot of food decisions but looking online first and the more details, the better!

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