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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Charm City Cupcakes, Baltimore City

Charm City Cupcakes is located in one of the most random spots downtown. You enter Brown's Arcade, walk down a long hallway past the florist shop and find a little counter selling cupcakes. I think there might be seating at the end of the hallway, but I got my cupcake to go so I wouldn't know.

Seeing as though it's a counter- you're not going to find anything else here but cupcakes- and apparently they bake them all fresh, so they can run out early. I went during my lunchbreak and I managed to score a key lime pie flavored cupcake for $2.50. I had a delicious key lime cupcake when I was in Austin, so I wanted to see whether Baltimore could be my key lime saviour.

The cake itself was very satisfying and not overly sweet, but a bit crumbly. The icing however was incredibly sweet. A little too much in fact. I really did enjoy this cupcake, but I think I would have preferred it while I was at home with a glass of milk, rather than sitting on a park bench in the middle of summer. Also, I probably should have waited for about 10 minutes or so before indulging in my cupcake because the icing was still a little cold and firm and I wanted it to be a bit creamier. This is not the fault of the store- but of my impatience. Perhaps it was because of this that I found the icing flavor a little too much, a little too concentrated.

I am definitely interested in trying more of their cupcake selection, and maybe this time I will not succumb to my tummy's peer pressure and wait for a little while so as to enjoy to true flavor of the treat.

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