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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Slice of My Foodie Wishlist

I have a huge list of restaurants that I want to go to in the area- and it keeps growing! I thought I would share a portion of it and my dream menu. Let me know your wishlist restaurants with your own dream menu! I will salivate as I read :)


Appetizer: Artisanal Mac and Cheese ($8)

Entrée: Scallops with pee puree, rhubarb and salsify ($28)

Dessert: Carrot cake ($8)

B Bistro

Appetizer: 3 selection cheese plate ($15)

Entrée: Braised Lamb ossobucco with cannellini beans, tomatoes and meyer lemon gremolata ($22)

Dessert: No idea because they don’t list them on their website!!!! I need to know!!

Mari Luna Latin Grille

Appetizer: Empanadas Saltenas - Bolivian style turnovers stuffed with olves, eggs, raisins and potato. ($8)

Entrée: Rope Vieja - Cuban shredded beef brisket with plantains on the side. ($16)

Dessert: None listed. What is wrong with this world?

Marie Louise Bistro

Appetizer: Steamed mussels ($8.95) or a cheese plate ($12.95)

Entrée: Coq Au Vin (I mean, it’s a French bistro…I must!) Braised bone-in chicken quarters in red wine with pearl onions & mushrooms, served with mashed potatoes ($15.95)

Dessert: ???? Don’t restaurants understand that some people go to places because of the dessert alone??

Ze Mean Bean Cafe

Appetizer: Slavic sampler: One holupki, three pierogi (one of each type), one potato pancake topped with homemade applesauce, and a side of Polish kielbasa. ($12)

Entrée: Either the Pierogi Dinner ($12) or the Hungarian Goulash ($17)

Dessert: At this point..... I give up...... :(

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