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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

STOP! I have something very important to say

I just came back from the University of Maryland Farmer’s Market and I tried some of the best ice cream EVER. It was from Kilby Cream, a dairy farm in Rising Sun, Maryland. I literally tried one spoon of the vanilla ice cream (they were giving out free samples) and I thought my world stopped from Deliciousness Overload (this is a real term). If some place can churn out amazing vanilla ice cream, then I have high hopes for all the rest of the flavors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really need you guys to try this ice cream. I feel like it’s my mission to tell everybody about it. In fact, I just ran around my office telling people that I pretty much found Ambrosia in downtown Baltimore.

Next Tuesday I’m going to buy myself a yummy cup of ice cream for $2 and all will be right in this world I am sure.

8/4/09 UPDATE: Just tried the sugar free Minty Moo Icecream (mint ice cream with chocolate chips). It was such heaven I almost cried. Why is their ice cream so amazing? They are 100% better than Haagen Dazs and Ben & Jerry's etc because their ice cream is sooooo freaking fresh!

Kilby Cream

129 Strohmaier Lane

Rising Sun, Maryland


1 comment:

pizzablogger said...

"Deliciousness Overload"....I love it! (and yes, it is a real term).

I'll be on the lookout for the Kilby product....sounds like a winner, and local to boot. Cheers! --PB

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