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Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Morning Haiku

Finished your menu
Created your tablescape*
Come on Thanksgiving!!

So what is everyone's plan for Thanksgiving?  Are you hosting?  Are you making your special dish, and if so - what is it?  

My friends and I are having our own Thanksgiving this Sunday and I am making cornbread and caramelized onion stuffing and some homemade cranberry sauce.  I will post the recipes this weekend after I make them.

Thankfully, I am not hosting actual Thanksgiving, otherwise I would have gone officially insane.  I am taking a big exam** on Tuesday (which is why I've hardly been posting - I've been studying!) so I really REALLY can't wait to just RELAX.  I am planning on watching all of the earlier Harry Potter movies and then going to see the new one (!).  I am also going to decorate my house (YAYAYAYA!) and maybe paint?  Or perhaps I will just play Lego Harry Potter on XBOX instead.  Either way, it's going to be a glorious break! :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful break and a lovely Thanksgiving - safe travels!

*My small ode to Sandra Lee, first crazy lady of New York and cookbooks

** A professional licensing exam that I actually should have taken right after I received my Master's Degree 4 YEARS AGO.  Needless to say I've had to re-learn and re-memorize concepts I haven't even thought about in 4 years.  It's been rough. 


JayZeis said...

My wife and I travel to three meals on Thanksgiving/Christmas/Easter. It is a filling day.

Last year, one of my best friends was in Afghanistan (he's in the Air Force and has missed the last 3 Thanksgivings due to deployments) over Thanksgiving, so we cooked a huge meal for him in the middle of December. After driving an hour to his house for the meal (we cooked most stuff the day before and reheated at his house), we get there and he woke up that morning sick. Crazy things happen, but he was glad to finally get Thanksgiving.

Mel said...

Can't wait to try the stuffing!!!!!!

Beth said...

We're actually hosting at the beach house. I created a planning spreadsheet. All is under control!

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Jay - That seems exhausting! I bet your families are super glad though. Have you ever considered hosting at your place, or would that be too much? Also, you are a super sweet friend to still make sure your friend had a Thanksgiving!

Mel - OMG me neither!

Beth - Spreadsheets and timelines are the way to go! Good luck!! :)

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