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Saturday, December 18, 2010

BIC Food Enthusiast Classes - Last Minute Gift!

Still looking for a gift?  How about a gift certificate towards a Cooking Class!!!

Remember I told you about Baltimore International College's new Food Enthusiast cooking classes?  Well, they have their Spring Catalog up for all those interested in some more fabulous sessions!

Some awesome classes to consider:

Cooking Classes
  • Valentine's Day Dinner for Two/Aphrodisiac Foods $80
    • Ooh la la!  Get one for you AND your sweetie to make a fun date!
  • Prepare Greek Favorites $80
    • Learn to prepare foods such as Souvlakia!!!! baklava!!!!! cheese pie triangles!!!!!!!!
  • Easter Brunch/Easter Baskets $60
    • Prepare treats to fill your Easter basket, and also learn a great meal for your Easter brunch!

Cooking Demonstrations
  • Cheese Tasting $60
    • You try cheese AND drink wine.  YES. PLEASE.  IMMEDIATELY.
  • Food and Beer Pairing $60
    • Same a variety of food and beer combos!  Nice!!


All classes are located at:
Culinary Arts Center
210 S. Central Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21202
Most classes are $60, but some are $80.  Check the Course Catalog.
Register Online:
Click the Catalog tab and browse through until you find a class you would like.
Select the class and click "Purchase".
If you are finished shopping, proceed to "Checkout".
Enter your contact information and continue to the next step.
Finally, enter your payment information.

Register by Mail or Fax:
Download the PDF of the Food Enthusiast Classes.
Download the Registration Form.
Choose the class or classes you would like to take.
Fill out the registration form and either mail it to:
Baltimore International College, Department of Continuing Education
17 Commerce Street
Baltimore, MD 21202-3230

OR Fax it to:

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