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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Clementine Cake = Fail

I love baking.  I love the way the house smells when something's in the oven.  I love mixing the bowl.  I love using my spatula (I LOOOOVE spatulas!).  

I hate when things I bake and spend SO much time on = bitter and GROSS and inedible!

And that's what happened with Nigella Lawson's (Gluten-free) Clementine Cake.  I had sooo many clementines left over, so I was excited to use them all.  Literally.  The entire clementine goes into the cake, pith and all.  Unfortunately, the clementines I used were overripe to say the leaset and so my cake turned out extremely bitter.  It just goes to show, you get what you put into something.

Oh well, perhaps I'll make it another time with better clementines.

Has anyone ever made this cake?  It seems to be pretty popular on the blogosphere.  Do you have any awful baking FAIL stories?  Please make me feel better! :)

Image by Kasey Albano


Laura said...

BAD baking stories?

well, there's the one time i attempted Forgotten Cookies and i didn't realize that egg whites won't get stiff in humid temps...i ended up with Forgotten Puddles, instead.

then there was my attempt at making truffles from a mix, where i had nothing but melted chocolate goop in the oven. THAT was a massive mess to clean up.

OH, and i made dump cake. chocolate cake mix with fresh strawberries. tasted AWESOME hot, but absolutely horrid immediately afterward. it looked like a train wreck, too.

and finally: chocolate banana bread. it didn't bake all the way through, so i had bread on the ends and soup in the middle, and the taste was similar to that of the dump cake - cloyingly sweet when warm, disgusting when cool.

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

ahahah yikes!!!

You seem to end up with lots of goopy masses :)

Laura said...

i do have lots of silly messes, but i also tend to be rather ambitious in the kitchen which leads to increased probability of a disaster. pot pies from scratch (including scratch-made crusts)? SURE I CAN WHIP THAT UP IN AN HOUR oh wait, no i can't LOL. we ate at like 9pm that night.

then there was the sushi disaster last Valentine's day...we figured we'd attempt 4 different rolls in one evening. we started around 6 or so, and finally finished around midnight. one tip: don't try more than one roll until one gets the proper roll technique down. at least it all TASTED good...

i forgot to mention my "pecan pie" attempt...boy thing wanted pecan pie, but he specifically said he wanted it to be just like shoo-fly pie with pecans in. so i made a shoo-fly pie with pecans. except i didn't reduce the bake time due to less batter, so it ended up like spice cake in a pie crust. he was happy eating it, so it's not a true disaster.

i have fun with it, though. :) i've only had to toss things 2 or three times, ever, so i consider it a general success since i've learned from all my mistakes.

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

AHAHAHAH these are great stories!

I once tried to make a stir fry with peanut sauce, but for some reason it wasn't very saucy, just very very clumpy and disgusting looking - I had to throw the entire thing out and we went to Chipotle instead :)

Anonymous said...

If you make the cake successfully please let us know. That just doesn't sound tasty to me although I love orange flavored cakes.

Laura said...

hey, if SOMEONE gets a laugh out of my mistakes i'm happy. :P

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Allthingsjuice - I LOVE LOVE LOVE citrus cakes as well. I'm not sure when I'll make the cake, but if I do, I will definitely post an update

Falnfenix - :) :)

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