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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I am so sneaky!!!!

Surprise!  I was in Europe these past two weeks!  I am super sneaky and wrote a ton of blog posts which posted automatically while I was gone.

Dan and I went to Munich, Prague, Vienna, Salzburg and Zurich and arrived home on Sunday (supposed to arrive back on Saturday but our flight got cancelled......long story). 

I can't stop thinking about how wonderful of a time we had!  I also can't stop thinking about the food! Here are some pictures of me and some of the amazing meals I had!

 Weinerschnitzel from Vienna!

 Goulash and dumplings from Prague!

 Beer the size of my head from Germany!

 This amazing pastry (Trdelnik) covered with sugar and nuts from Prague

ahahaha don't worry, it wasn't all about the food (sorta), here are some gorgeous shots of places we went to and then I am done.  I can talk about this trip forever.

 The beautiful town of Halstatt in Austria

 Schloss Nympenburg in Munich

 Schloss Schonbrunn in Vienna

 Beautiful Prague



Neuschwanstein castle in Germany

Dan, can we go again!?


strawberriesinparis said...

What an amazing looking trip!!

theminx said...

Damn - all that food is bigger than you! LOL

JayZeis said...

Looks awesome and amazing

Steffi T. said...

I would like to take that schnitzel, wrap it around me, and wear it as a robe. Thanks.

Also, WOW Zurich is gorgeous... its by FAR the most beautiful of any place you visited... :)

Also again, did you tour the Neuschwanstein, i'm obsessed.

We should prob do an eating tour of europe sometime soon.

Beth said...

Looks like a fantastic trip!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Thanks for sharing your amazing trip!

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Thanks everyone!!! I keep looking through my pictures everyday to remind myself in was in such amazing places!

Trix said...

Ah, are you eating schnitzel at Phoenixhof in the Neubaugasse in Vienna?? And I recognize Lokal in Prague! Delicious knedlicky to be sure! Fun : )

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Trix - We went to Figlmuller in Vienna, and yup! we went to Lokal, thanks to your review!!!!

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