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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Restaurant Alert - Chazz: A Bronx Original

Chazz: A Bronx Original, a new Italian American restaurant in Harbor East will be opening THIS Friday, June 10th!

The restaurant is a partnership between actor Chazz Palminteri and restaurateurs Sergio and Alessandro Vitale of Aldo’s. 

Chazz takes diners on a trip down Arthur Avenue, the main culinary thoroughfare of the Bronx, and provides one-of-a-kind “Bronx-style” pizza baked in a coal-fired oven, homemade Italian American specialties and a bar program including hand-crafted cocktails (including homemade limoncello!!!!) and an extensive wine list.

Chazz: A Bronx Original
1415 Aliceanna Street
street and valet parking
open for dinner from 5 p.m. to midnight, seven days a week, with lunch, late-night dining, take-out and curbside service to be offered in the coming months.


Brandon said...

We've been eagerly anticipating the opening...I'm always ready to try a new Pizza place. The sign on Aliceanna is pretty hard to miss!

redjet273 said...

Food was good, service was ok, I'm going to let them pass because the restaurant just opened. Complementary bread would be better with butter or a olive oil and pesto. Some people could not grasp the concept of coal oven pizza. I notice a party that sent there pizza back three times complaining about the uneven preparation of the pizza. Daahhhhh this is not Papa Johns, but ok the customer is always right. I give i

Richard said...

Food was mediocre and overpriced. The marinara sauce bland. As to service, unfortunately we got unlucky and had a waitress with no clue what customer service is all about. The food arrived at different times and we never saw her until the end. We could have used another glass of wine. Currently they are not running on all cylinders.

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Thanks for the updates on the restaurant! I agree, though, give them a bit of time to sort out the kinks...hopefully all these issues are just growing pains :)

Anonymous said...

Highly disappointed. I'm from NY, and this food doesn't resemble the taste of home, and was mostly lacking in flavor Service was not up to par and we were served the wrong dish. Hope they improve.

NJ NY said...

It was with great anticipation that we left our hotel headed for your new restaurant in Baltimore. I am from Northern NJ and my son attended Fordham University where we enjoyed may wonderful meals on Arnold Ave. I was accompanied by a woman who grew up in Queens. The thought that we could find the deep delicious flavors that we had enjoyed in foods from the Bronx here in Baltimore was like throwing a culinary life preserver to people drowning in sea of mediocre After some discussion with our waitress we decided to try the Margarita Pizza as an appetizer, Osso Bucco and the Garlic Brussels Sprouts. 
 Our pizza arrived and it looked great. We grabbed a slice each and eagerly took our first bites. Nothing. The flavor just was not there. The ingredients were all fresh but no punch, no zing just bland. At the half way point of the pizza our waitress returned with a basket of condiments that contained Parmesan cheese, red pepper flakes and oregano. Once we added these items it totally punched up the remaining slices to the point where we began to enjoy. the appetizer. The discussion then turned to why did we have to create some flavor in our dish?  And why didn't we receive these condiments when the pizza arrived, rather than halfway through. 
Our choice of Osso Bucco was influenced mightily by our asking the table next to us if they were enjoying the Shrimp Fra Diavolo that one of the gentleman was eating. His response of "Try something else" lead to our entree choice. The meat arrived looking great! The first pass of the knife's edge through the meat proved the menu correct, it was fall off the bone tender. The first fork full lead to a shared look across the table by both of us. Where was the flavor? The meat just held no flavor at all. We each tried to use as much of the "drizzle" on the plate as possible in an attempt to flavor the meat as we consumed it, but this was in vain. How could the drippings from the meat taste so good but the meat itself have no flavor at all?  We started looking for spices to heighten the flavor. 
We ordered the Brussels Sprouts as a side. We were served Broccoli Rabe instead, but once we were able to summon our waitress we managed to get that corrected. When we received our sprouts we requested Parmesan cheese to be added at the table. The response from our waitress was " Do you want the fresh or the crumbled kind ?" Of course we chose the fresh. What we then were served was fresh Parmesan but not grated, it was shaved. Had our vegetables still been hot, or even warm, the cheese may have melted but because the delivery of the cheese took so long, our vegetable dish was too cold to melt the cheese. The grated cheese would have worked  better because it would have mingled and melted with the sprouts, but we didn't order it because, from the description, we thought we might be getting Kraft Parmesean from the grocery.. Instead we pushed shaved cheese slices aside in an attempt to eat the sprouts. 
Normally we would have just crossed your restaurant off our future dining list and left it at that. Instead we decided to send you a message alerting you to the fact that two people, very familiar with the various cultures, flavors and spirit of NYC found Chazz, a Bronx Original, not emblematic of the Bronx we know and love. Anyone from the neighborhood would feel the same. We could have aired our disappointment on YELP or some other internet restaurant review site, but we take care of our own. 
Please make us proud.  There are plenty of nondescript Italian eateries in Baltimore.  We thought this would be the exception. 
Yours truly, 
Friends from the 'Hood 

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