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Friday, March 30, 2012

Bonjour French Bakery and Cafe, Mt. Washington

Bonjour French Bakery and Cafe in Mt. Washington is a special place.

Full size and fun size desserts! (pics from Bonjour's website)

It's a place to take out-of-town folks when you have time to sit and chat over a pastry and coffee.  It's a place you come with a friend to gab about life while sharing a small cake.  This is a place where you come to get a special breakfast.  AND on Thursday nights from 5-8PM, it's a place to get some crepes!  Check out their Facebook page for more information about their casual crepe night.

If I am just quickly stopping in, I'll grab an almond pastry to go.  What's not to love about a place that makes their croissants from scratch and fills it with a luxurious almond paste?  There have also been plenty of times when I come, sit down with a cup of coffee, and select one of their mouth-watering mini desserts.

As well as the delectable treats offered at the store, they also do catering for events.  Definitely check them out if you're interested in getting a Croquembouche for your wedding! 

 Croquembouche (pic taken from Bonjour's website)

One recent morning I decided to pop in for something savory.  I ordered a mocha latte ($3+) and a turkey and cheese croissant ($5) for breakfast.  This ended up being an expensive breakfast, yes, but wow was it a special one.

Yes, you are right, that IS a terrible picture of my breakfast

The mocha wasn't too sweet and since it was probably made with some type of French Roast bean, it was quite dark and smoky - I liked it a lot.  The warm (I asked for it to be heated) croissant sandwich was rich, buttery and flaky, and that was just the croissant!  I'm not sure what the cheese was, perhaps gruyere?  But it had gloriously melted over the turkey.  I have never been so full from a breakfast sandwich before!  I could tell that this croissant was made from scratch - it just seemed richer and, well, more calorie-ridden :)  It was great!

I can't say enough about this charming little cafe.  Oh wait, yes I can.

They make their own macarons.

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