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Friday, March 23, 2012

Langermann's, Canton

Dan and I went to Langermann's one evening and what a lovely date night it turned out to be!  The Canton restaurant is in a large open space, with plenty of seating in the dining room and around its large bar.  They even have a nice fireplace which I had the fortune to sit by!  They have valet, but there is also a nearby parking garage and plenty of space in the surrounding parking lot - so suburbanites anxious about parallel parking (or is that just me?), do not fret!

Bread Basket of Dreams

First of all, let's talk about the bread basket filled with two large pieces of sweet cornbread and two buttery biscuits.  Way to know how to win over your diners, Langermann's :)  I knew I was in for a good meal after one bite of that sweet cornbread!

Low Country Louie

Thanks to a Facebook suggestion from Minx, I started off the evening with the Low Country Louie ($10.95) - lobster, crayfish, crabmeat, corn coblets all mixed with creole mayonnaise and served in a Martini glass.  What a lovely introduction to this restaurant!!!  There was no skimping on the seafood in this appetizer - it was full of large pieces of crab and lobster.  Though they had a light hand with the mayo sauce, you still need to like mayo to like this dish, but don't worry about it being spicy.  I thought it was a wonderfully refreshing appetizer, and one that would be welcome in the spring and summer months.

Seared Ahi Tuna

Dan ordered the Seared Ahi Tuna ($23.95) jerk seasoned tuna on top of julienned squash, roasted fingerling potatoes and served with a pineapple butter sauce.  He has never ordered seared tuna (served rare) before, but I think this entree alone has made him a convert!  He thought the fish paired excellently with the pineapple butter sauce (don't think of it as a curd, it's chunkier).

Shrimp and Grits

It seemed absolutely necessary for one of us to order the Charleston Shrimp and Grits ($19.95), which is what I always hear about and what our server said is their most popular dish Taken from the menu, it's comprised of shallots, tomatoes, andouillie sausage, buttery clam broth, stone mill grits and large pieces of shrimp gently placed on top of the bowl.  They do not play around with their grits.  These were the creamiest/butteriest grits I've ever had, so I was thankful for the salty tomato and clam broth surrounding the bowl.  I loved to get everything on my spoon for one big bite - a piece of shrimp, sausage, grits and broth.  Exquisite.  They do this dish well, no wonder they are so well known for it!

It may not seem like a large bowl, but by golly I could hardly finish the grits!  They were RICH.  I probably would just order an appetizer version of this (if they have it) next time, because it was very filling for me which was the reason why I so sadly had to skip out before dessert.  THIS WAS SO HARD FOR ME TO DO.  I wanted to try their apple pie because the table next to me ordered it and I'm pretty sure the pie was as big as my face.  I WANT TO EAT THAT PIE.

Someday, I will eat that pie.  I am going back, definitely.

They have a Cocktail Hour Mon-Fri from 5-8PM with $5 appetizers, select wines and martinis and beers.  They also have a Sunday Brunch that looks phenomenal for $15.95 for an entree and a drink (mimosa or orange juice) from 10AM-3PM.

Dan and I loved Langermann's - we both highly recommend it for a date, for a group gathering, for happy hour, for a business meeting - for whatever!  You will enjoy it!

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