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Monday, November 2, 2009

Crossroads Restaurant, Radisson Hotel in Cross Keys

Crossroads Restaurant, at the Radisson Hotel at Cross Keys, recently announced their new farm-to-table menu. The menu features seasonal items from local growers, and makes up more than half of the Crossroads menu – which is really great!

I personally love when I see menu items from local farms – and I believe other people do too. I think it can really add to a restaurant's popularity, like Woodberry Kitchen or Abbey Burger Bistro.

Village Trio Lunch special

Crossroads offers a Village Trio lunch dish for $11.95 which is a combination of the daily soup special, daily sandwich special and a salad. Super healthy and satisfying, I am sure!

Cross Keys Burger made with meat from Albright Farms

Their dinner menu includes items such as an appetizer of Steamed Shrimp and Mussels, and pasta and burgers for entrees, with many ingredients coming from local farms. Dinner entrees start at $13.95 and daily specials start at $10.95

Farms and local businesses represented include: Ham from Kunzler and Company; ground beef from Albright Farms’ grass fed, free range cows (yay!); homemade pastas from The Great Cheese; Stone Mill Bakery’s fresh baked goods and breads; organic greens and produce from Earthbound Farms; specialty Chevre goat cheese from Cherry Glen Farm; and, organic and rich cheeses fromHawks Hill Creamery.

If you end up going, let me know what you think!

Crossroads Restaurant
Radisson Hotel at Crosskeys
5100 Falls Road, Baltimore MD 21210

Breakfast: Mon-Fri, 6:30-10:30AM and Sat-Sun, 6:30-11:30AM
Lunch: Mon –Fri, 11:30AM-2:30PM and Sat-Sun, 12Noon-2:30PM
Dinner: Sun-Thurs, 5-10PM and Fri-Sat, 5-11PM
There's also a Crossroads Lounge that offers free live jazz on Thursdays, 6-9PM.

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