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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mango and Coconut Juice Bar, Downtown

I had heard good things about Mango and Coconut's (located within the Charles Street Shopping Center) Jamaican food, so I happily checked it out for lunch.

I ordered the Curry Chicken with rice and beans and a side of plantains. My friend ordered the Brown Stew Chicken with the same sides.

The Curry Chicken at first bit was incredibly flavorful and heavily spiced. And then , all of a sudden the sauce sneaks up on you and your mouth is one fire (granted, I have a VERY low tolerance for spicy foods). The heat wasn't so bad that I didn't enjoy it, though, especially since the rice and beans were a perfect accompaniment to the sauce. Despite the spice, I enjoyed this meal thoroughly. It's a warm and comforting meal, perfect for a cold day. The plantains were good and sweet, though nothing to write home about.

On the opposite spectrum, the Brown Stew Chicken - what does Brown Stew even mean? - was a delightfully savory and non-spicy sauce that soaked right into the meat of the chicken. Which brings me to another point - in both dishes, the chicken was incredibly moist and came right off the bone.

So, if you are new to Jamaican cuisine, or you aren't a fan of spice - start with the Brown Stew chicken . And if you love the burn - try the Curry! I'm excited to try other dishes from this place - my next choice is going to be their jerk chicken, I can't wait! And perhaps I'll also choose a smoothie, especially if they are known as a juice bar!

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