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Monday, November 2, 2009


Was it just us, or was there a short supply of trick-or-treaters on Saturday? My husband and I bought SO MUCH CANDY, and we probably only had 5-6 kids show up. I was ridiculously upset! I love seeing little kids in costume!!!!!!

This was the first Halloween we spent in our new house, so now we are nervous that this is what it's going to be like every year!!!! But maybe it was just because of the rain?

Either way, we have a TON of Kit Kats and Snickers lying around the house - NOT GOOD.

Luckily we had plans later at night, so our evening wasn't a complete bust. I went as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, what about you?


Simply Life said...

Oh I was so disappointed - we didn't get any trick or treaters! :(

Jessica said...

In Canton we had a ton of trickortreaters!!! I ran out of candy despite an emergency run to Safeway! And I was actually hoping for the leftovers...haha.

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Oh NO :( I guess it's just my neighborhood!

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