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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jason's Deli, Timonium

 JB's Bagelini

As I mentioned here, Jason's Deli offered their patrons two days of free entrees while they were training their staff.  Of course I took full advantage of that!

I ordered the JB's Bagelini ($5.29) - Smoked turkey breast, provolone, smoked red pepper-cilantro aioli and fresh made guacamoke, pico de gallo.  Pressed between an olive oil toasted bagel.  For the price this was a surprisingly good and filling sandwich.  I loved the aioli, whereas the guacamole wasn't all that exciting.  This is a great lunch sandwich. 

Chicken Panini

Dan ordered the Chicken Panini ($7.29) - Marinated chicken breast, provolone, basil pesto with pine nuts, roma tomatoes, spinach.  Pressed between olive oil French bread. Now this sandwich was not a favorite of mine.  I thought the chicken was overly spiced, which made the entire sandwich too salty.  All the ingredients sound great - but something was definitely off.

HALF Muffaletta

I was able to try a bit of their signature sandwich, the Muffaletta, and immediately wished I had ordered one.  If you love olives, you will love this sandwich.  Even if you don't even like olives you may very well like this sandwich because the bread is just that good.  

And look at that plate!  That's HALF a sandwich right there!!! You can order either the Ham and Hard Salami Muffaletta or the Turkey Muffaletta.  You also have the choice of 3 sizes - Quarter ($6.29), Half ($7.99) or the Whole (9inches - $11.99). The Muffaletta bread is spread with an olive mix and antipasti with olive oil and provolone and your choice of meats. There's no way you're leaving hungry after half of that thing - or even a quarter!!!!! 

California Club

The next day I tried the California Club ($6.99) - Croissant with turkey breast, bacon, swiss, tomato, sprouts, mayo, and guacamole.  I decided to get fresh fruit on the side, which was served with a creamy sour cream based dip that I enjoyed.  This sandwich was great, I really really liked it, and even liked the guacamole better this time around.  It also made me appreciate how much I love croissant sandwiches, of which there are many on the menu.

All in all, this was a great sandwich shop, and I expect it's going to give Panera Bread some stiff competition,  considering they are in the same shopping center.  The salad bar looked interesting and fresh, and they were also giving out free soft serve - which I heard they were going to continue doing!  The space itself is huge and definitely family friendly.  All in all, those free entree days worked out well - I can't wait to go back for an inexpensive and tasty lunch and Dan's already been back TWICE!!

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strawberriesinparis said...

You've been going to all the places I want to try! maybe its andreas fault... and I heard they give you free soft serve while you wait?? Thats awesome!

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Hahaha I saw Andrea here when I went for the second time! :) And yes - free soft serve!!!! yummmmm.

theminx said...

GF, forget Jason's and get thee to Attman's. We ate at Jason's in Las Vegas and it's just another sandwich a deli. I mean, when I asked for pastrami on rye with mustard, the counter person looked at me like I had three heads because I didn't want lettuce or sprouts or avocado on it, too.

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Minx - Oh my yes, this place is definitely just a sandwich shop and cannot be compared to Attman's!!!! But for a sandwich shop, I thought it was still really good :)

dvikib said...

You forgot to mention that you get free self-serve ice cream (vanilla, chocolate or swirls of each) with any meal. The Reuben sandwiches are huge and have very tender, lean corned beef.

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