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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kavkaz Kebab Revisited

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Because I had such a great tasting at Kavkaz Kebab, I really wanted Dan and my mum to try the place, which they were eager to because of my review.

We ended up going on a Friday night, and it was surprisingly too quiet. This made me very sad! This place is too delicious to be quiet on a Friday night! But anyway, we ordered the following:

Kachapuri (cheese wrapped in filo pastry dough) – So delightful.
Meat Kutabi (crepe-like pancakes filled with meat). Loved this with a sprinkle of sumac
Tandoor Bread – The bread is so great and you can tell it’s served right off the tandoor.
Piti Soup – I tried this for the first time. It's a clear broth made with potatoes, meat, sour plums, chickpeas and a taste of mint. Incredibly comforting. Served in an earthenware pot, and at first you think it won’t be enough, and then you realize it totally is!
Plate of lulya kebabs – Still my favorite. Great flavor, incredibly moist.
Plate of combination chicken and beef kebabs – Both of these are the best I’ve had anywhere of their kind. The chicken is so tender and juicy, I usually never like chicken kebabs but these were great. The beef was also so tender – once again, not something you usually find with meat pieces, but they really marinate the meat well here.
2 Baklava – Still my favorite, in fact, everyone here LOVED this particular dessert
1 Shekebura – A worthy competitor of the baklava. Perfect with some tea or coffee.
Turkish coffee – Great presentation, but the caffeine didn’t really help since I ended up sleeping half an hour later out of Friday-Exhaustion.

WOW. What an amazing feast!!!!!!!!!! Everything was just as great that day as it was when I came in before. The service was pleasant and attentive, and I really felt that I was eating carefully prepared food with the best ingredients. That being said, I think that’s where the problem lies. Kavkaz is expensive compared to its neighbors – Five Guys and El Nino Taco. With entrĂ©e prices in the mid-teens, a lot of people may just choose the cheaper options and not bother coming in. On top of that, even the appetizers are expensive (in fact, I’m pretty sure the prices went up since I had the tasting and are different from their menu online. If I remember correctly, the appetizers were around $6 each, which is a lot considering the portion size). This is a dilemma for this place because I think their food deserves those prices because of the quality of the food, however, it doesn’t help welcome new and interested clientele.

Either way, everyone was so happy with their meal, and Dan agreed with me that it’s the best kebab/kabob place we’ve been to by a long shot. They really know how to prepare their meats!

If you end up going there – let me know what you think!
Kavkaz Kebab
10902 Boulevard Circle
Owings Mills, MD 21117

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