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Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Morning Haiku

Remember to set
Your clocks back before bedtime
Yay for morning light!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a lecture by Tony Foreman, restaurateur extraordinaire in Baltimore, along with his wife, Chef Cindy Wolf.  They own Pazo, Charleston, Cinghiale, Petit Louis, Bin 604 and Bin 201.  That is A LOT of stuff to take care of, but he seems to thrive on being busy.  It was so interesting to hear him talk about his early life and the business of owning a restaurant.  

One thing that really stood out to me was his emphasis on treating customers well.  He is aware that his restaurants, most notably, Charleston, are expensive, so he believes that the staff should treat the guests like they are pleased they are there.  I actually agree that when Dan and I went to Petit Louis, our waiter did exactly that. 

Anyway, now I am VERY intrigued about going to Charleston, but we'll have to save up for a couple of months for that treat.  Has anyone been there - what do you think about it?  Any comments about Foreman and Wolf's other restaurants?


Beth said...

I always really enjoy the Wolf/Foreman locations, including Bin 604. It's really an example of "getting what you pay for". One day i'll make it to Charleston!

theminx said...

LOVE Pazo and Petit Louis, but I wasn't impressed by Charleston. Neal and I went some years ago for my birthday and found the service to be oppressive in its attentiveness. It was a bit like being under surveillance. Also, the sauces were way over-reduced and had a sticky glue-like consistency that left our lips sticking together for hours afterwards. And the food was otherwise forgettable. Unless someone else is footing the bill, I have no interest in going back.

That said, Charleston was originally Savannah, located in the Admiral Fell Inn. I ate at Savannah twice and enjoyed it both times.

Work in progress said...

I'm a huge fan of Charleston. I dream about the shrimp and grits on cold nights.

The Curator said...

Charleston is lovely. I've been twice for special occasions and the food and service are exquisite. But I must say my fave Wolf/Foreman place is still Petit Louis. My husband and I have been rabid fans for years so it was the natural choice for our wedding reception, and it was AMAZING. All of our guests loved it.

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Beth - I've never been to Bin 604, but I saw they have really cool wine seminars. Wish it was a little closer to my house or I would go!

Minx - That's interesting that you found it overbearing, I think there's always a fine line, between attentive and overbearing. I loooove Petit Louis as well. YUM

Kevin - Where have you been!?!?! Shrimp and grits sound good. I better start saving up!

The Curator - What a great choice for a wedding reception!!! Super elegant!

Anonymous said...

I agree with theminx - I like Petit Louie, but was underwhelmed by Charleston. If I'm going to spend crazy money on food than I'd prefer Inn at Little Washington.

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