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Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Morning Haiku

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Let us be honest
Do you really want to host
A party at dawn!?

On April 29th (2 Fridays from now!) is the Royal Wedding between Kate and William.  This is a pretty epic event in our lifetime (if you care about this kind of stuff), and you can be sure tons of people are trying to cash in on this.  To be honest, I am excited about the tradition of it all and I can't wait to watch, but I really don't care about what Kate's wearing or about the celebrity guest list or any of that crap.  I just care about watching history as it unfolds.  Besides, I freaking LOVE the monarchy and anything Uber-British.

All this being said, there is NO WAY I can even fathom hosting a watch party at 6am.  I am in awe of all those who are going to do it and who actually have friends willing to come over that early to do it with them.  Of course, you could always DVR it and watch it at a normal time....but I like to watch things live and besides, I don't own DVR :)

So this is how I anticipate my day:
Wake up at 5am
Hit snooze 5 times until 6am
Get out of bed and make some tea
Crawl in the guest bed
Switch on the TV and sip my tea
Fight the urge not to fall back asleep/throw things at the TV at the commentators
Get hungry at 7am
Get pissed that I didn't make fancy scones for the occasion
Go to the kitchen and make some toast and jam, pour more tea
Get back into bed
Watch the wedding/get annoyed at the commentator talking about outfits and hairstyles
Get a bit patriotic and sing God Save the Queen
Fall asleep
Miss the processional and parade

Do you have any plans to watch the Royal Wedding?


Beth said...

Just don't that next Friday...I'm pretty sure the wedding is the following weekend (after Easter)!

theminx said...

I got up early to watch Charles' and Diana's wedding, but this time I'm happily sleeping through the festivities. I'm more upset that I'll miss the Saturday NFL draft because I'll be at Sniffapalooza in NY.

Unlike you, the only thing I am interested in is Kate's gown.

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Beth - I am the WORST BRIT IN THE WORLD!!!! It IS the 29th hahahahahah :) Thanks :)

Minx - At least you saw Charles and Diana's! In my opinion, you should watch at least one Royal wedding in your lifetime :)!

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